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What about changing your preferred search engine results? Let's say you
search for a term but you don't agree with the returned results order
and you would like to change it and share your changes with everybody
out there, how could you do? Uhm, thanks to latest AJAX technologies
Yoople! ( ) gives you this chance in a very simple
way. You just drag and drop your sortable results and it's done. Others
searches for the same term will be affected by your modifcations.

Ok, this is the project I'm working on and I would like to know what
you guys think about it. I believe it could be a great improvements for
search engines and everybody could take advantage from the
collaboration of every searcher.


Re: Collaborative web searches

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I think it is a great idea for anyone wanting to abuse search results.  =

Good luck.

-- =

Re: Collaborative web searches

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Uhm maybe you're right. Maybe was the same comments many people had in
front of wikipedia, and, I suppose that we have to
set up some limitations in order to avoid abuses but at the same time
we should trust the people.
Anyway at this frist stage yoople! let you shift a link by two
positions and no more, soon we will adopt other limitations (anyway you
could just give this chance to people who have an account, like gmail
or yahoo).

Thanks for your comment!

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