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Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures! Adsense Program Adsense and RSS is based on concept of
displaying clickbank affiliate products based on the keyword or
Category. It is another form of contextual advertising where instead of
per click, you are paid for sale generated by you. ClickBank is the
Internet's largest digital marketplace, where thousands of the web's
most popular products are sold every day. Every product sold through
clickbank gateway have their own referral programs and provides
commissions upto 80% of each sale generated. We have made effort to
bring all these products in various categories at one place.

Using a small programmed by us, you will be able to display clickbank
products based on the keyword or Category of your choice. Google
adsense is one such program that pays you per click. But adsense is able to generate income many times
more than Google Adsense program.

Also is Offering Free RSS with your Clickbank's
NickName based on category. so you can Add RSS to Google, Yahoo or any
other sites.

Also we are running our Free Referrar Commissions for Free Members and
Paid Members. RSS Feeds for Silver and Free members with your
own's nickName
So you want up to the minute Affiliates of's Affiliates
with your ClickBank's NickName? Don't want to go to the site to find
them? We have what you are looking for!

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content stores now have RSS feeds
associated with them, delivering a headline-view of the 10 Affiliates
per RSS in Perticular Category and Perticular Page. Using our RSS feeds
you can Earn from's Affiliates Link its Completely Free.

To add a feed to your RSS reader:

   1. Login to your Account at .
   2. to Find Category for your RSS
   3. Find the categories that interest you most or giving Higher
   4. Right click on the RSS 2.0 Icon
   5. Select Copy Link Location
   6. Paste the link into your RSS reader's address bar

Comparision Google Adsense Vs. Clickbank Adsense

    * Google Adsense pays you per click in cents. Google pays you only
few percentage of per click rate they charge their customers and as per
our experience, it is not even 10% of the amount they charge their
advertisers. It is possible to earn in $$ through adsense program. For example, if the product
cost is $10 and referral commission is 75%, you get $7.5 per sale.
    * Google Adsense in fact diverts your customers to your competitors
website, they make sale and you get paid only few cents instead of the
commission for the sale. The chances of the sale through adsense increases because of contextual display
of ads on your website and you are paid in $$ sometimes more than on
your own products.
    * Google restricts their adsense to be put up on certain pages such
as order completion pages ( recommended and are bound to generate sales
) or on the pop-ups with no content at all. There is no restriction in
placing adsense scripts on your page. You have
the power to add as many ads as possible and also on the pages of your

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