"Click Success" study/data, Is there ?

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In "The Information Research FAQ: 100 pages of search techniques,
tactics and theory by David Novak of the Spire Project
(SpireProject.com)[dated December, 2002]," it states: ....

"In looking at how successful Internet users have been in finding the
information they need online, the following chart shows how Internet
users fare when they go online to satisfy information needs. Most of
the time searchers in these categories find what they want, more than
70% in all categories. For news, 41% of online news hounds say they
always find what they want on the Net."....

Does anybody know of a breakdown/study/? that pins down the average
number of clicks for a 'typical' successful search. Put another way:
is there data on how many clicks it takes the 'typical' person
conducting a search to successfully find: a product for which they are
searching; a 'fact' for which they are seraching; a 'service' for
which they are searching; an 'x' for which ...

I understand there are dozens of variables involved in this rather
obtuse question (e.g., which engine was used; currency of info/data;
skill of the person performing the search). Just looking for some
basic, comprehensive <G> information.

Christopher A. Steele
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