Click fraud seminar

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The presentor, Dr. Granville, is the top expert in click fraud
detection and creator of patent-pending click scoring technology. He
has more than 12 years of experience, including credit card fraud
detection with Visa and click scoring with two major Internet
companies, and post-doctorate at Cambridge University (England).

How to Address Click Quality in Pay-Per-Click Programs?

The problem of click fraud, invalid or poor clicks is nearly as old as
paid-per-click advertising. Only recently has it been acknowledged by
major search engine companies. It represents the most serious threat to
the online advertising industry. Although there is no formal definition
to click fraud, a good description can be found at

We review various state-of-the-art solutions to address click fraud in
pay-per-click programs, including proprietary IP blacklists,
entrapment, ad-hoc design of experiment and detection of false
positives. Our core contribution is a scoring system tied to the
advertiser's ROI and matching conversion rate distributions.

New original fraud cases will be discussed, including impression and ad
relevancy fraud, automated clicks from shareholders and political
activists, and accidental click fraud generated by email spammers.


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