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"Edward Cutrell and Zhiwei Guan from Microsoft Research have
conducted an eyetracking study of search engine use that
found that people spend 24% of their gaze time looking at
the URLs in the search results.

"MSR used Microsoft's own search engine (fair enough), but
their results match what we found in our eyetracking
research which included the current market leader as well
as the #2 search engine in addition to MSN.

"Users have evolved a firm model of search behavior which
they apply across search engines, which is why it's
probably a lost cause to make a non-standard search user

"We found that searchers are particularly interested in
the URL when they are assessing the credibility of a
destination. If the URL looks like garbage, people are
less likely to click on that search hit. On the other
hand, if the URL looks like the page will address the
user's question, they are more likely to click."


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Re: Choosing URLs

"Guy Macon" wrote ...
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Do we think they mean Google and Yahoo! ?
Aren't these guys childish?

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Fair enough ...

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... And there's one to avoid!


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