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I'm a graphic designer and trying to learn more about SEO. I've read a lot
of the resources but I'm still somewhat confused. Perhaps some of you can
help. I understand that we must choose a few key phrases that we want to
optimize for and that in addition to being in the keywords they need to be
in headings, alt tags, body copy, especially near links, etc. What I'm
having a hard time with is figuring out how to guage WHICH words to use. I'm
aware of Word Tracker and also

So for example... I think "emotional intelligence" might be one of the
keywords for the site I'm currently designing ( I
type that in at overture and it says in November there were 19791 hits on
it. Then it lists all these other possible phrases that contain it and tell
how many hits they got. it better to use "emotional intelligence"
because it got a lot of hits or to drill down and find the most relevant
phrases that have a lot fewer hits since then the site would be more likely
to show up in the first page. It seems like if there are nearly 20K hits on
a phrase it's unlikely we could optimize well enough to come in within the
first page. Am I missing something or making this too complicated? I really
feel overwhelmed with trying to learn SEO enough to design effective sites
for my clients!

As always, your help and patience is greatly appreciated.

Re: choosing keywords to optimize for


That was SO helpful. Thank you for taking time. I really appreciate the


Re: choosing keywords to optimize for

Hi Shelia,

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We completely understand your confusion and learning SEO on your own
without a mentor or consultant is going to be very difficult, because
of all the outdated information that is still found on Websites,
forums and newsletters, the innocent misinformation that gets passed
around as if it were fact, and not to mention all the scam artists who
hype up SEO information/services and/or SEO software just to separate
you from your hard earned money without ever fulfilling what they

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Keyword phrase selection is EXTREMELY important!

If you optimize a page(s) for the wrong keyword phrase(s) then you
will have wasted your time.

You MUST choose a keyword phrase(s) that will allow for the greatest
ROI (Return on Investment).

We see that you have now arrived at the "keyword crossroads" in your
SEO journey.

Choosing which "road" to follow at this juncture of your SEO learning
curve can be an exhilarating experience or it can be a disastrous
journey. But let us be quick to tell you that either way, you WILL
increase your SEO knowledge, because either you will learn what you
should do or you will learn what you should not do.

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Okay, Shelia, the best advice we can give you now is to completely
forget about using the Overture Keyword Tool.

Just use Wordtracker and their free version is plenty good enough for
your first few campaigns, so there is no monetary expense to worry
about, so again, don't even look at the Overture Keyword Tool ever
again, as it will only serve to confuse you further.

In case you'd like some insight as to why we would advise you to only
use Wordtracker, we'll explain a real life situation for you that
involves our long time client, Adriana Copaceanu < > who owns < a gift
baskets company based in New Market, Virginia.

When Adriana first became our client, she was optimizing her Home Page
for the term ...

gifts baskets

... And we immediately advised her to change her Primary Keyword
Phrase to ...

gift baskets

... Instead, because it was and still is searched for much more than
her keyword choice was. In fact, here are the numbers ...

gift baskets 6764 6556

... versus ...

gifts baskets 8  8

Below are the top 15 keyword phrases associated with the term ... gift
baskets ... from 12/04/02 and 01/11/04 so that you can study and
compare the differences.

Wordtracker Daily Searches On 12/04/02
For ... gift baskets

gift baskets 6764 6556
gourmet gift baskets 1076 1043
christmas gift baskets 974 944
holiday gift baskets 466 452
wine gift baskets 410 397
cookie gift baskets 229 222
personalized gift baskets 228 221
gift baskets for women 218 211
food gift baskets 204 198
wine country gift baskets 175 170
baby gift baskets 164 159
making gift baskets 160 155
coffee gift baskets 128 124
Texas gift baskets 108  105
wholesale gift baskets 108  105

Wordtracker Daily Searches On 01/11/04
For ... gift baskets

gift baskets 6733 6878
holiday gift baskets 607  620
christmas gift baskets 459  469
wine gift baskets 391  399
gourmet gift baskets 301  307
coffee gift baskets 258  264
food gift baskets 258  264
baby gift baskets 214  219
wine country gift baskets 154  157
chocolate gift baskets 103  105
birthday gift baskets 98 100
unique gift baskets 91 93
cookie gift baskets 90   92
how to make gift baskets 89   91
wholesale gift baskets 89   91

Now, here is where your decision to use ONLY Wordtracker should become
quite obvious.

Adriana's choice for her Primary Keyword Phrase was ...

gifts baskets

... So there are a few different keyword combinations she could have
optimized for, so we researched them all for her as we show below
along with their Wordtracker numbers ...

gifts baskets 8  8
gifts basket 0 0
gift baskets 6764 6556
gift basket 648 661

baskets gifts 0 0
basket gifts 28 28
baskets gift 0 0
basket gift 0 0

Then if you research these phrases on Overture you'll get these
(daily) numbers ...

gifts baskets 0
gifts basket 0
gift baskets 0
gift basket 14,060

baskets gifts 0
basket gifts 0
baskets gift 0
basket gift 0

Now, for the all important questions!

Shelia, if you were our client ...

1.) And we showed you the Wordtracker numbers (above), which Primary
Keyword Phrase would YOU want us to help you optimize your Home Page

2.) And we showed you the Overture numbers (above), which Primary
Keyword Phrase would YOU want us to help you optimize your Home Page

Obviously, Adriana took our advice to optimize for ...

gift baskets

... And today her page is enjoying a Top 10 ranking (#9) on Google for
her Primary Keyword Phrase as you can see by following the link below


Results 1 - 10 of about 2,600,000

::: Currently Ranked #9 :::

Gift Baskets - Toll Free: 866-740-8678 - New Market, Virginia
Gift baskets are a unique alternative to flowers, gifts that will be
for a long time. ... Gift Baskets Bring Smiles. Get One Today! Happy
New Year! ...
Description: Themed and custom-made baskets. Located in Virginia.
Category: Shopping > Gifts > Gift Baskets > A - 20k - Cached - Similar pages

By the way, the phrase currently receives around 200,000 searches per
month according to Wordtracker and zero (0) according to Overture.

SEO TIP: Don't be fooled by other keyword tools since there is
currently nothing that can touch the accuracy of Wordtracker < > when it comes to in-depth keyword
research and analysis.

FYI: There is another way that you can more accurately research and
analyze the best keywords based on ROI for YOUR specific pages (but it
will cost you money and it will take a few weeks to gather the data)
and that is to set up a campaign with Google's AdWords < . If you have $100 to $200 to
invest in keyword research, we would HIGHLY recommend that you start
with an AdWords campaign. This way, within a few weeks you will KNOW
the exact numbers, such as click-through rates and conversion rates
for your specific keyword phrases and pages. Then once you know which
keyword phrases are producing the most ROI, optimize for them, and
forget about the ones that you lost money on. This would be the most
accurate way to start your SEO campaign, but if your budget doesn't
currently allow for such a campaign, then trial and error will have to

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Actually Shelia, that number does NOT represent "hits" as that is
something entirely different, but that number represents the number of
queries/searches made.

And a quick look at the Wordtracker & Overture numbers for that term
and its related keyword phrases, we see this ...

Wordtracker Daily Searches On 01/11/04
For ... emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence 1406 1436  
emotional intelligence test 51 52    
what is emotional intelligence 35 36    
free emotional intelligence test 32 33  
emotional intelligence quiz 27 28  
emotional intelligence tests 27 28  
articles on emotional intelligence 23 23  
emotional intelligence training 21 21  
emotional intelligence and gender differences 16 16  
business application emotional intelligence eq ei 15 15  
emotional intelligence in children 15 15  
emotional intelligence research 15 15  
analysis of emotional intelligence in leadership 14 14  
emotional intelligence quotient 13 13  
multifactor emotional intelligence scale 13 13  

Overture Daily Searches On 01/11/04
For ... emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence   650.7/day  
emotional intelligence test   40.9/day  
emotional intelligence daniel goleman   14.8/day  
emotional intelligence quiz   5.9/day  
emotional intelligence and leadership   5.8/day  
emotional intelligence and goleman   5.7/day  
emotional intelligence quotient   5.3/day  
definition emotional intelligence   5.1/day  
article emotional intelligence   4.9/day  
child emotional intelligence   3.6/day  
emotional intelligence training   3.1/day  
working with emotional intelligence   2.8/day  
emotional intelligence theory   2.5/day  
emotional in intelligence workplace   2.3/day  
education emotional intelligence   2.3/day  

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Shelia, simply looking at the amount of times a keyword phrase is
searched for will not be able to let you know how competitive the term
is or how difficult (or easy) it will be to acquire a Top 10 ranking.

There are ways to analyze and measure a keyword phrase's "SEO
Difficulty Rating" but it involves much time and know-how to learn
just what formula to use.

Without explaining just what this formula is, we can let you know that
right now the keyword phrase ...

emotional intelligence

... Has 7,750 pages competing for that term and the keyword phrase ...

emotional intelligence test

... Has 496 competing pages.

Our quick analysis shows that 50 Backward Links will get you into the
Top 10 for ...

emotional intelligence test

... And 500 to 700 Backward Links will get you into the Top 10 for ...

emotional intelligence

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What you are missing is the "Off The Page" optimization, such as Link
Popularity (AKA PageRank for Google) and Link Reputation to define the
relevancy for your page(s).

You see, when it comes to optimizing your pages, it matters MORE what
other people say that your page is about than what you say your page
is about, so you MUST make it OBVIOUS to others what your page is
about, if you expect them to agree with you.

Your Friends,

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