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if you guys need to choose a new domain:
would ypu chosse a domain with
1- no keywords in it but short
2- keywords in it but very long
3- keywords divide by hyphens

i have to say that i will choose the first:
and then used the keywords for the appropriate pages:

any suggestion?

Re: choosing a domain

Sambo wrote:

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(1) is advantageous if you want to market your site to people verbally, not
by links, or if you want your business to seem professional and possibly
long-standing. Example:

I don't think search engines care too much for keywords in a domain as in
(2), but some people (very few) may choose to navigate to a site/address
whose title seems appropriate. Example:

(3) is probably built for solely for people and only serves the idea of
being catchy.

I personally prefer (1).


Roy Schestowitz

Re: choosing a domain


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I did ok using the oneword domain name - but most folks, sharing links
my way and using the domain name as anchor text, would divide the
domain name into separate words. Such as would be shared
as [link]one word[/link]. I didn't consider that, in terms of IBLs,
when picking the names but the domain names have at least one keyword
for my site ... so it worked out ok in the end for me. ;)

Some people register the hyphenated version along with the oneword
version - then point them both to the same site space; this way they
can use both domain names - as the oneword one is sometimes better for
offline promotion [oral sharing]  and the hyphentated one 'appeals to
search engines' while not worrying about duplicate content thoughts.
Cat did a humorous 'example skit' in one of her posts, in the past, of
a hypothetical setting of sharing a hyphenated domain name over the
phone to another person.


Re: choosing a domain

tahnks guys, now i have a better idea of the issue.

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Re: choosing a domain

The advantage of keyword rich domains is that many people use your
domain name only when creating an ibl, so this gets you ibls with your
target keywords for little effort. The problem is that you can only
target a couple of keywords before you domain looks lame. If you decide
to target other keywords the investment in your domain is lost.

I personally am not a huge fan of  registering multiple domain names for
a single, I think this can be confusing.


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