Checking Search Volume on MSN

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Hi people

Im now number one for my main term on MSN ! Boss will be pleased lol.
And number 6 for my other sub main term if that makes sence.

How do I check the number of people searching for this. Is MSN about the
same as yahoo? or is overtue = both.

""'s - 600'000 competition
no qoutes 1.2 million competition

Hoping for some decent search level to keep the sales coming in. Dont
want to rely on 'product names' for ever lol.

Made me smile as g update has been a bit cruel..


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Re: Checking Search Volume on MSN

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MSN has 11.4% so that's 68,400 exact searches

Of course, being #1 doesn't guarantee you 100% of the total qualified
visitors available. Ranges from 10% to 50% depending mostly on your title
and description.

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Re: Checking Search Volume on MSN

Hello James,

Here's my logic about trying to figure this out: The only thing that
matters is the traffic you get to your site, right? If you're at the
top MSN, you're getting the maxium traffic you can get for organic
searches through MSN. How much traffic is that? You can figure this out
by looking at your site statistics. Awstats tells you how many time you
got traffic for a particular keyword, and how many hits you're getting
from particular search engine. You can get a rough idea from this as to
how much traffic you're getting for that keyword. And that's what
really matters, in my opinion, since it's a metric you can do something
to improve.

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Re: Checking Search Volume on MSN


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You might not be getting any. Depends if anyone clicks through or not.

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