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Is crosslinking domain clusters with hidden text legal now ??

There is a very large cluster in the 'fraser island' search string
employing these tactics.

Check almost any domain in 'fraser island' SERP's and look for the
hidden links at the bottom of the page. They all have it (unless they
are legitimate).

Whats worse is a certain member of the google public (not naming
names) knows about this and has done nothing to fix it after asking
for details ?????

Very weird, so I was wondering is this practice legal now ??

Must Not

[a previous article from september] check it out.......

Re: Check this out, Google

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I first reported those sites over 6 months ago and again last month,
Google does not seem interested killing of this type of spam tactics.

Must Not please e-mail me privately  (webmaster, location rainbowbeach dot
our sites may be compatible for swapping links


Re: Check this out, Google

I don't know if your problem with 'Fraser Island' is the same or
similar to many of the problems we have in Aisa from Google search
results. We have a very small town and probably about 20 relevant
local sites, but none of us get any ranking worth anything. Sites in
the top 20 have absolutely nothing to do ( or say about ) our town yet
they just include massive data that includes thousands of place names,
including ours, and they get high rankings!! Yet they have no relevant
content at all.
We also have massive amounts of .de and .se sites in the top 20 that
again, totally irrelevant. How hard can it be to have a system that
can see whether a site is relevant to a location or not?
There are a lot of very small search engines that sadly are unknown
where you can specify up to say 8 words in the title, 20 words in
desciption, then put up to 20 key words in order of priority. Although
they don't have many sites the irony is you always get a decent answer
for your search.
If I want information about Fraser Island and some obscure foreign
site has that information, no complaints, but when valid local sites
get pushed down to the 600+ positions by irrelevant sites it's pretty
ridiculous. Same applies whether I search or even

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