Cheating on Google?

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We have a very heavy Flash web site, and it is not easy for us to put
plain-text content on our page (it will ruin our design).. so our page never
got good ranking in Google.

I am wondering on our server side script, we can detect the
"Remote_Host"server variable (PHP/ASP). If  it matches "google" then we
render a  plain text version specifically for Google,  does it consider to
be cheating? or is it a valid to do it?


Re: Cheating on Google?

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That is a form of cloaking.  It is used by many folks out therif you get
caught, you will be banned.  If you do it, make sure you get a good list of
IP addresses so that you ID the spiders very well.
James Taylor

Re: Cheating on Google?

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Why not make a plain-text version available for everybody? Then you won't be
cheating Google, and people who hate Flash will also be happy.

Alice Woolley /
Inside the Bubble - autism information

Re: Cheating on Google?

I know it is hard to give up the flash design you worked so hard on.
However, over the long run, you are probably better off ditching it in
favor of HTML.

Karl Hall
KaZaZZ! Search Engine

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Re: Cheating on Google?

"Karl Hall -" wrote:
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 -- or a dual site, with both regular html and flash as
offerings to choose from, and maybe a third alternative, a
text-only version for the visually impaired. Like Karl said,
it's hard to give up on Flash, but it has not taken off the
way its promoters thought it would and until it does, you
are killing traffic -- which should be your FIRST priority,
way ahead of "design."

cat (plain html for me, thanks) yronwode

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