Changing Patterns In Internet Research

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Changing Patterns In Internet Research

I have just completed updating two sites
and have found in the process, methods
of doing research on the world wide web,
that have not been available in the past.

City Of Davis and Yolo County, California
(1) This site is representative of any location
resource in the world.  It is now possible
to supplement local library systems with
Google Book search records, some being
fully available at home, in the public domain.

(2)  Local news, on an ongoing daily basis,
is available throughout the world, which will
usually include access to current obituaries.

(3)  Comprehensive information can be linked,
to include current record sources, information
on the past, as well as maintenance of family
friendly resources, to motivate youth groups.

(4)  Facebook resources are now pertinent,
in such areas as organizational contacts;
city sites and groups, alumni, etc.

Melvyl System - University of California:
Worldwide Genealogy and Family History Research
(1)Library systems are becoming
more worldwide in scope.
WorldCat (dated 13 Feb 2010)
Search results for "genealog*" limited to
Libraries Worldwide (WorldCat)
Results of about 656,700.
Results of about 14,371
for 'genealog*' periodicals.

(2) Lists of Subject Headings are words
and phrases used by the Library of Congress,
University of California Libraries, WorldCat, etc.
. . .
Libraries of Congress Authorities gives
access to personal authors and creators,
including editors, performers, photographers,
artists, etc., as well as access to group authors
and creators, including corporate entities,
government bodies, conferences,
jurisdictions, etc.

Respectfully yours,

Tom Tinney, Sr.
Who's Who in America,
Millennium Edition [54th] through 2004
Who's Who In Genealogy and Heraldry, [both editions]
Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory

The Family Genealogy and History
Internet Education Directory is a
worldwide online resource, located
at the site:

It is continuously being developed
for the benefit of every family age
group. This global portal connects
all currently available family history
and genealogy data, provided through
an annotated collection of world wide
Internet links, to key family history
and genealogy resources on the Web.

It is a scholarly family history and
genealogy mega site map, that can be
effectively used for homeschooling,
by dads and moms for their children,
with family friendly games, computer
activities and knowledge management.

For the business environment, at work,
school, in the office or mobile travel,
this Internet educational directory is
available for use by staff, teachers,
students, educators, librarians, local
area historians, family genealogists,
professional researchers, generational
historians; as well as employees in
government, humanitarian aid, social
welfare, and human resource agencies.

Every available site in the world is
being placed online, with information
related to national civil records, all
cultures, genealogy, libraries, museums,
printed country family history outlines,
country studies, individual identity
information, indigenous peoples, etc.

Free Coverage of the Genealogy World
in a Nutshell is provided within this
comprehensive Genealogy and Family
History online Handbook, How-To-Guide
and self paced learning skills Manual.

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