Changes in the search engines?

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Until recently it took just a few days from the google spider was crawling
new pages on my sites until it was available in the search engine. Now the
spiders have been here crawling several times a week over a month but none
of the new information have been updated in the search engine. I have not
done changes in design or anything else of the sites but just put more pages
and information in it. Is this something others have experienced?

And another thing: I have no problem at all (at least until now) being
listed in Google, but altavista and yahoo seems impossible. Is it common
that google is easier? My sites are up to 18 months old.

I used to get into dmoz with new sites also but this seems very hard to
these days. I have a feeling that changes are being made in the world of
search or that google, dmoz and friends just had to take some time off?

Svein K. Olsson

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