change content frequently or not

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I have heard that changing the content of the website perhaps as much as
weekly can make a big difference in SERPS. In a highly competitive area such
as mine ( hotel reservations ) is it worth doing ?

Re: change content frequently or not


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As my general reminder - I do not do SEO for a living, just on my own
sites which are informational versus commercial in nature ... that
being said ...

I was told the above, about changing content frequently, a while back
and supposedly the rumor was that these "frequent updates" will have
the spider come around more frequently due to it noticing that the
content changes frequently. True? I can't honestly answer ... all I
can say is that I upload new content on Thursday around midnight and
within a few hours that is reflected, main page wise, on the search
engine and the new page is indexed and showing up within a couple of
days. *shrug*

I was also told that 'changing content' was more than changing a
couple of sentences or a picture or two. Again, though, recall I do
not do SEO as a living but only sharing my own observations ...
Tightening up wording of a page can help a site in the SERPs but I
have NOT noticed changing a couple of sentences wording or an image
[alt text &/or image itself] helping that page's SERP as that may be
just  a minor change and not enough of one to have any effect at all.

My sites change content routinely - one site is updated weekly with
new content added to the site while another is updated every other
month. Some people I know add new articles/content to their sites
twice a week. Depends on why you are adding new content and what type
of content that may help determine what kind of update schedule you
may choose.

I would suggest looking around at travel and/or hotel reservation
theme sites that change/add content regularly to see how they handle
doing it. Check out how they do in search engines after making those
changes - do they move up and down or stay relatively solid in
placement? If the latter, can you see how they manage to do that?


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