case study of beating google

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I found this and thought I would get some feedback from the experts.

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 How to beat Google - Why the PageRank Algorithm is a joke

Ever thought you might like to boost your ranking from a PageRank of 5 to 8
overnight? Would you like your site to be as popular as MSN or even Yahoo?
With a little hard work, and following the example set below by, you can be amongst the most important sites on the net
and beat Google at their own game.

For years Google has prided themselves on the fact that their PageRank
algorithm provides democratic search results and often brags about their
staff of PhD's who continuously work to bring the most "democratic" results
to the web. For about the same amount of time webmasters for obvious reasons
have worked equally as hard trying to stay atop Google's efforts to exploit
the index for its own gain.

For the most part the system works pretty well. However when the stakes are
high enough. Someone always finds a way to beat Google. In this article we
would like to thank for showing us the way to beat
Google at their own game, and get away with it, as it seems Google does not
have a way to combat these tactics yet. set out to score high for the very competitive term
"vacation rentals". Overnight they went from being at near the bottom of
their category in the Google Directory to the very top. They secured the #3
position for their most competitive term (vacation rentals) and they have
also been able to successfully beat Google at many other keywords. How did
they do it? It's all in understanding PageRank and how to manipulate and
manufacture incoming links and thus site popularity.

The bottom line is that the more incoming links you have the better. Now
there is a lot out there on the Internet on how to boost your link
popularity. You can trade links with other webmasters, you can join link
farms, you can start an associate program to name a few. But these will
often only garner a few hundred incoming links. In the case of this was not enough to score a top position for their
main keyword "vacation rentals". The solution and surefire way to beat
Google lay in simply manufacturing literally thousands of incoming links. It
worked like a charm and for months now they have enjoyed top rankings in
Google WITHOUT PENALTY. Yes, that is right folks, WITHOUT A PENALTY FROM

The first thing did was to create similar websites on
different IP addresses with different host names that appeared to offer
unique and original content. They used differing IP addresses to help mask
the fact that these sites were all on the same host from Google. For
example. there main site offers vacation properties all
around the globe (IP address They then registered dozens of
domain names that were tied to popular areas and built what appears to be
similar sites (such as,, to name a few). The chart below gives an example of just
a few of these sites. - - - - -

On each of these sites, they linked to the home page on their main site in
the footer of each page. The combined PageRank of these additional sites
helped to feed the PageRank of their main site, as well as each of the
satellite web sites. Operating the site in the background and then pushing
out similar content on what appeared to be a different site was a sneaky way
to successfully manufacture PageRank, not to mention a nice way to fool
Google into widening the net for capturing traffic. This tactic has been at
work for over a year with great success and NO PENALTY FROM GOOGLE FOR

However, this tactic is hardly new. what truly sets
apart from everyone else is what they did next. Vacation Rentals registered
literally hundreds of domain names, most of these domain names being a
popular misspelling of a likely keyword someone would type into a search. A
few examples include. "",
"", "" and hundreds of others. You can do a
Google back link trace to see more, there is also a list at the bottom of
this article for your reference which lists a few more; however it needs to
be said that the true number is unknown, it could be in the thousands.

Each of these bogus sites was then padded with what appears to be junk
directory listings provided by an associate program to look like a topical
search site. After the junk directory links, they created a random blob of
text which is keyword rich and for the most part, complete nonsense. That is
to say utter nonsense to a human being, but absolute keyword rich gold to
Google which is always looking for content. An example of this bogus content
can be found below from "":

Snip <<<
We link up with the free translations that have the free online language
translation and the translate translator with multiple languages down so the
translate dutch english or the norwegian translation that gives you the
gaelic translation will be very accurate. We have the online thai
translation that will give you the online language translator for the
hawaiian translations and many more.
Quoted text here. Click to load it

As you can see, the text is complete nonsense and exists for one purpose
only, and that is to provide keyword rich text for Google. It works like a
charm by the way.

Perhaps in their most brilliant move, and the purpose for these fake web
sites. added a link at the bottom of every one which
states "For more on vacation rentals click here". These links being
strategically placed include their top keyword, and when you add them up, it

By doing the above for literally hundreds of bogus domain names (maybe
thousands), has to the top of the Google Index, and went
from a PageRank of 5 to a whopping 8 nearly overnight. can now count themselves among one of the most important
and popular web sites on the Internet, almost as popular as Yahoo and MSN
themselves. This is all in thanks to Google's PageRank Algorithm. The funny
thing about this is that when I first discovered what
was doing, I thought that for sure, this would garner a penalty, and Google
surely would not let such an obvious attempt to SPAM them stand, however,
after months of letting it stand and awarding with ever
higher PageRank. It appears the Jury is out. GOOGLE WILL NOT PENALIZE FOR

So hats off to for showing us the way to finally once
and for all beat Google at their own game and make Google's staff of PhD's
look like a misfit bunch of community college dropouts. It looks like the
domain name land rush is just about to begin again!


Re: case study of beating google

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René Pijlman

Wat wil jij leren?

Re: case study of beating google

kinda interesting but I'm not going to those lengths.

and what is a vacation rental anyway?

Re: case study of beating google

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Some new fangled deal where you don't get to keep it forever. The late fees
is where they get you. My kids were really enjoying Florida, so I figured
they could keep it an extra couple days... low and behold I got a bill to
the tune of ....oh nevermind.

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