Carrot Search develop .NET clustering engine for integration into Shumbi products.

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Shumbi has announced a partnership with Poland based Carrot Search.

They will be using the .NET clustering engine developed for them by
Carrot Search in their own brand products, and white label branded
versions for OEMs.

The .NET clustering engine was created through a partnership with
Carrot Search ( Based on the Lingo open source
Java clustering engine, Carrot will be releasing the build framework
for the .NET version and making it publicly available for other
developers to use.

The Carrot Lingo.NET clustering engine creates clusters that present
real value to the users. It ensures that all meaningful topics are
covered and that cluster labels are accurate, concise and unambiguous.
The engine clusters text documents on-the-fly and fully automatically,
based solely on their content. No learning, semantic knowledge bases,
word nets etc. are required.

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