Can you search for pages the link to a hosted jpeg?

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There's a scam operation, Orange Future, that's posting hundreds on
ads on Craig's List, showing the same houses to rent in many different
cities, hiding their phone number inside the images, so you can't
search by that. When people call, they get scammed out of $200. People
are flagging these ads as quick as they can find them, but they vary
their titles and readable text (if any) so it's hard to find them

They use about 30 images at any given time, using those in about a
thousand ads, so it's a lot more efficient to find and take down the
images. PhotoBucket and have been really good about taking
down those images when they're reported, but now the scammers are
finding hosting sites that don't respond to take-down requests or
which have absolutely no way to contact them.

It would be great to have a way to search for pages that refer to
those jpeg's, so you could search for and flag all those pages. Is
there any way to search for those links?


Make that "...pages _that_ link..."

The title should be " Can you search for pages _that_ link to a hosted

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