Can you recommend a good LOCAL text search utility? (to run on a PC running WindowsXP/Out...

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- WindowsXP Pro
- msOffice 2003
- Xara Xtreme Pro/MindManager/FreeMind
...} all latest versions

Can anyone recommend a utility for searching my local WindowsXP PC?

I need to do text searching across msOffice2003 files (e.g. Outlook,
Excel, Word).

(Optionally, I would IDEALLY also like to be able to search files
from: Xara Xtreme Pro, Mindjet's MindManager, FreeMind, plus HTML, PDF
files... but this is not a deal breaker.)

I have already tried:

- WindowXP's search
==> horrible. I have uninstalled it and use the previous version -
which is very slow but more accurate.
Fails to do outlook files.

- GoogleDesktop
==> Initially I was impressed, but now keeps failing to spider things.
Terrible at handling archivals of emails.

- Copernic Desktop (v3.2.1)
==> Takes literally *days* to spider/re-spider. Clunky & processor
Not good at handling archivals of emails.

All I need something as powerful as Google websearch, but that runs
across my own PC !

For example exact phrase matching (e.g. by using double quotes around
a phrase)
For example negative matching - i.e. excluding certain phrases

I am becoming increasingly desperate!

- Any thoughts?

Shiperton Henethe

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