Can you be banned on a keyword basis

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I have been trying for ages to get my site listed for X Y search term on
google. I am on page 1 for Z Y but no matter what I seem to try X Y never
seems to get included.

Other search engines give me a page 1 or page 2 return for the same site on
an X Y search so I'm wondering if google has blacklisted my site for X Y

I certainly have X Y in the title and in the main page text.


Re: Can you be banned on a keyword basis

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Good question, John.  I have the same problem. I am rated on keyword
junk car (#2), but can not get rated for junk cars. I started to think
that junk cars was somehow filtered differently then it's singular
cousin - junk car. I even optimized my page for junk cars only and
still was rated for junk car. My inbound links have both junk car and
junk cars in the anchor text. I tried several things, but ran out of
ideas. I think I could put blue automobile and still be ranked on junk

I noticed on this forum other posters have had problem with certain
words. The one that stands out is the real estate business. It makes
you think certain industries or keywords have filters just for them.

Any other thoughts?

Re: Can you be banned on a keyword basis

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The additional filter idea seems to make sense.

Other search engines do not exclude me in the same way so I don't think it
can be anything to do with the page content/structure/links etc. - just
seems to be a google thing and its bl**dy annoying. I'm obviously very happy
with my #6 placement for Z Y but I'm loosing about 40% hits from google on
the X Y term. The thing is, like yourself, X and Z are different words but
mean the same thing..

For an X Y search on google my site comes up on #190 and is beaten by loads
of irrelevant crap. Most of my competitors don't seem to suffer in the same
way. I've looked at their pages and there is nothing in the way of any kind
of SEO on some that are 17 pages in front of me.

I think if the reason was discovered why this is happening and the way to
fix it - then the new algo would be identified.

Re: Can you be banned on a keyword basis

I too have this problem and like you, gave up as no matter what I did would
get the required result. It is my belief that these 'reserved' keywords'
have been in existence for a long time and the new algo is simply an
extention of this.

Pre Florida, I used to be #1 for a particular search term and the site was
sensibly optimised. Now, I am about #90 and  the #1 position is occupied by
the likes of Amazon offering books about the product rather than the product
itself. The rest of the top 10 positions are occupied by sites with less PR
than mine and not in the DMOZ directory. What is interesting is alot of
these results are from large corporates.

Interestingly, I tried optimising for this keyword with a new site/domain/IP
address and different content and although it has been spidered, I cannot
achieve a rank at all! Pre Florida, this strategy would have at least
secured a top 20 position.

What this leads me to think is that there is without question a 'hit list'
of keywords for which the standard SEO techniques do not apply and for which
in the foreseeable future we do not have much control over. I am indeed
wondering how much of a factor the physical age of the site plays and the
actual 'importance' of the site owner.


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Re: Can you be banned on a keyword basis

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You are right!  Real estate searches have become mostly irrelevant.
Unrelated sites, spammers and "carpet baggers" that aren't even
physcically located in a given market area have been given top billing.
Local real estate companies and agents are toast!

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