Can't find the answer to this Google Local question anywhere!

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I have a question about Google local search. We were listed with
Verizon Yellow Pages phone book and under Paving Contractors with our business name was
Perma-Jet Sealcoating. We chanced our name

with Verizon to Perma Jet Sealcoating without the (-)dash between Perma
& Jet . over two years ago. But when we

typed Paving Contractors and our city & state or Zip Code. or any other
keyword associated with paving our business

name would come up with all the other paving contractors in our area.
still with the dash in our business name. So we

deleted the listing. It didn't have any categories or keywords in the
listing we deleted. and re-entered our listing the

same only without the dash. Now when we type in Paving contractors our
name is not listed under (paving contractors

& construction) anymore . And at the top of the listing it suggest
looking under (Categories: Paving Contractors &

Construction). and city name,state or zip for our area. It shows every
other paving contractor in our area but not ours.

The only way our name appears is if we type in sealcoating. Over the
months I tried updating our listing by adding

categories, removing categories for Google category list, adding
keywords to our listing but it still is not coming up with the

other paving contractors. And in Google Categories they have
(Restaurants - Ethiopian)"oddly enough" listed but not

Paving Contractors. and if we do a view source on another  paving
contractor listing that is under (Paving contractors &

Construction). We see (Google Maps - category: Paving Contractors &
Construction loc: 19320</title><script>)

and if we do a view source under our local listing we see
(<html><head><title>Google Maps - sealcoating loc:

19320</title><script> ) We can find our company name under (Building
Contractors) and (Government Offices - Local)
 We have added our name to almost every local directory in our area
under paving contractors that we can find.

 Last, I know a few other paving contractors that only list in  Verizon
Yellow pages hard copy phone book. And some

don't even know how to spell computer besides adding there listing to
other directories and they are listed under

(Paving contractors & Construction)
So is it a category that only Verizon Superpages can add to google with
some secret code that we deleted? We emailed

Google and ask them and they are no help at all. they said suggest a
new category. But the category already exist and

they said they don't offer ever category to the general local user that
wants to add their business. Verizon said ask Google.  Are we ban from
Google local listing (Paving Contractors & Construction) forever?

Any suggestions?

Re: Can't find the answer to this Google Local question anywhere!


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Google Local is a bit of a joke. If you look up seo uk I'm in the top
five. If you look it up in Google Local even under my own postcode,
where I'm the only household, there's no mention of me at all. It's a
pay-for-inclusion set up, or cockup, and it's probably the same over
there too. I won't pay what they want me to so I don't get in it,
simple as that. Which wipes out its relevance, and makes it pointless
to consult, but they don't seem to have considered that aspect.


Re: Can't find the answer to this Google Local question anywhere!

Thanks for the reply, but this is a little deeper then your problem. If
you read our entire post you will see we are paying extra to Verizon
for better placement. We are in the Verizon advertiser listing section.

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