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Re: Can I have a professional view of this site please...

Mr McN wrote:

professional, in one meaning, means: for money :-D Yes I can.

Can I have some professional lingerie? :-D

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Re: Can I have a professional view of this site please...

Hi Mr McN,

It has been a long while since i have given my professional view in a
free forum like this but here you go.....

The first though is a blue background and questionable use of the frame
set. For a first time designer, it is easier to use the frame set as
you did, to manage your content and organize it but framesets are not
considered "best of breed" use in web design.

Mt second thoughts are wow this site is a mess. The use of the 2
navigation bars inside the site can be very confusing to users. If you
replaced the lower page with a toolbar on the traditional "left side"
of the page, it would begin make it easier for users to navigate but
the frame set as used will always complicate this layout.

I can tell you spent a lot of time on this. The use of the top frame
reduces the available space to display your items, removing the top
frame set entirely would create more space to display your items.

There are no footer links or privacy statement. Adding footer links
makes it easier to navigate the site. A privacy statement is important
to let users know what you do with information collected. Some users
won't make a purchase w/o a privacy statement.

When i entered this business in 1996 I taught web design for 3 years
and do know what I am talking about. While the site will fail to
compete with similar sites selling similar items there are some good
points to build upon.

On the other hand, there is a very good layout for the content - each
area is organized. All the important information is available.

For your re*design please try the following.

1. Design it with out the frame set. Use a smaller header. Feature the
items for sale.
2. Remove the blue background - use a white background.
3. Remove the animated graphic on the footer toolbar (is not

Hope the tips help... good luck

David Lazar Inc.,

Mr McN wrote:
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