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Hi everybody.

I hope someone here can help because I'm flat out of ideas!

When I do and, Google is returning
no results for my domain name. Can anyone explain why? I can view the
cached pages ok by looking at them from SERPs but not directly from the

address box. Perhaps more worrying is the fact that no results are
returned when I type - does anyone know how Google
indexes this information and therefore returns a result?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Best wishes,


Re: cache: &

maxparmenter wrote:
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I can tell you exactly why. Because they do not work. That's why.
Google's "stats" are completely random and not representative for
anything. And no, I'm not trolling/kidding. It's true.

Re: cache: &

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Not exactly true.
They are not "completely random".
That would suggest that if I checked tomorrow, I would get a totally
different set of results, and if someone else checked at the same time
on another PC would get another set of results.

Other than that, yes I agree.


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Re: cache: &

maxparmenter wrote:

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Try also:


[spaces added to the URLs above to prevent useless linking]

Also try: site:http:// (and the variations).  If you get
good non-supplemental results from "site:" you can relax and forget about

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