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I was probably one of the first to use that company's cpanel, a few years

It was flaky then. We stopped using it.

It does make it easier for a novice to set up domains, forwarders,
subdomains, and so forth. But, I'd rather have learned the simple commands
to do a task, from day one, rather than rely on what is nothing more than a

That cpanel makes it REAL easy to totally trash a site, too. It does NOT
take into account MANY things, that are everyday occurrences on the www.

Also - it has a built in self destruct script, which slowly rips the cpanel
scripts to shreds if the host/provider fails to pay a bill or 2, or stops
subscribing. That'll REALLY mess you up if your host cancels service from
cpanel. All of your settings go bye-bye.

Setting up ftp accounts and subdomains will result in messed up apache
entries. That'll get ya going - if you're lucky enough to screw that up.
It's made to run on different flavors of Linux. Problem is, there are subtle
differences in the way things are set up on those flavors, and cpanel cannot
make every entry properly across the board.

It also 'talks' to the cpanel company servers, because it needs a reg key to
work at all.

There's a lot built in that you won't know about.

I know the guy that built that program. He's a good guy. But, he's a tad
behind the curve, and possibly a bit in over his head.  One thing they seem
to have a problem with , is listening to what would be good on that cpanel
proggie. I mean, listening to input from users. That's one reason we quit
using it.

You CAN see some parts of the script if you have telnet or ssh access to
your server. You can't see the binaries, of course. But, you can see how the
forms are created and how templates are set up. Look in your server for
cpanel files. Lots of them. Look in mail setup. Better yet, look for the
/scripts folder in /cpanel. View in an editor. Interesting.

As a hosting provider- look at it this way. It makes your life a lil easier,
NOW! Wait until it blows up, and every client is affected. Yow! I'm not
saying cpanel is bad, now. But- it leaves a lot to be desired. And it's not
worth the hassle, if it craps out on you. Which it will, in time.

I see they are in PA. He used to be out of Delaware.


Re: c panel

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what's the alternative?

Re: c panel

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one of our servers uses Ensim, which is shit and being replaced with....

... a home-grown control panel :-)

Re: c panel

Actually, I just hunkered down and learned Linux commands. Not too much
different than old DOS, before windows made all commands into a gui, and
actually made people lazy. Correction: It made people who'd normally learn
dos commands, say why bother. Some, anyway.


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