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Google apparently penalizes for linking between sites on the same c-block
of IP addresses, and some people say the penalty is looking worse with the
update. But are there any penalties for sites with the same c-block that
are not linked to each other but might have the same registration

If you want to launch 10 sites (all 100% legitimate and not
interlinked) and they are in the same c-block or even same exact IP
would it be a problem? (Same registration information, and/or same AdSense
account so identifiable as same owner, but not spam sites.)

Re: c-block linking -- site ownership

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I have a lot of sites on a small number of IPs with reasonable linking
between them and they are doing fine.

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That describes what I've got, though more than 10 sites.

If you aren't doing anything wrong why would this be a problem?

Avoid site wide linking, not worth the risk unless the sites are
unique and highly related. For example I have classic literature sites
on various domains and they all link back to the main site from every
page. If I was working for Google and saw this I'd understand this is
one site over multiple domains.

http://www.classic-literature.co.uk/ main site
http://charles-darwin.classic-literature.co.uk/ related site
http://www.jules-verne.co.uk/ related site

There are 15 sites in total all linking to the main site. I have no
problem with Google seeing this because they are all the same site as
far as I'm concerned. It makes sense from a visitor perspective to
find this page easily- http://www.classic-literature.co.uk /

I wouldn't do this with unrelated sites though, why would visitors
need a link to say http://www.seo-gold.com/tutorial/ on the 15 sites

Free Search Engine Optimization Tutorial
http://www.seo-gold.com/tutorial /

Re: c-block linking -- site ownership

On Sun, 23 Oct 2005 23:07:11 +0000, David wrote:

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That is what I am asking.  I am wondering whether the c-block linking can
hurt legitimate sites.

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I am also asking about legitimate unrelated sites on the same c-block of
IP addresses, for example, a web design site that links to its clients and
vice versa.  That would be many unrelated sites linking for a legitimate
reason, and possibly all on the exact same IP address.

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