Buying similar sounding domain names

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I want to buy a domain name that is very phonetically close to my
business name while it is still available. I do not want to actually
have a web site, I just want to protect my brand. One of the options
Yahoo offers is to refer it an existing web site, but I am wondering
if there is any negative side to that regarding Google etc.

I really just want to park the name, so what cheap registrar offers
that service? Am I missing some opportunity here to catch those search
typos if I only park the domain?


Re: Buying similar sounding domain names

Unless your name is very well known I doubt if many mistyped urls would
account for much of a loss. Most people get to sites by searches.

As far as google goes it will make no difference either way. are one of the cheapest and you can set up your
dns names as appropriayte depending on where you want to host the sites if
you choose to so that.

Personally I think your best option is just get the names to protect them
and not bother with hosting or redirects etc for them

Re: Buying similar sounding domain names

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Thanks for the link. I do get a lot of mistypes because I use a little
phonetic liberty with my main site name and often people *wrongly*
type the correct spelling. My site is well known in the telephony
shareware market and last year someone did park the name that I would
like to protect but is seems to be available now. I'll probably go
with the redirect if there is no downside.


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