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IT JUST KEEPS getting better! For example, check out these
clever designs on the URLs listed here: /
                     cf. /

I like the one "ACLU: Enemy of the State" with the hammer
and sickle cleverly supplanting the 'C', and the one that
shows "ACLU: Anti-Christian Lawyers Union" with an Islamic
crescent Moon and Venus supplanting the 'C', + "Jihad with
a Law Degree" [end quote]. Albeit the latter format is too
prejudiced against all Islam for my more diplomatic biases,
as I love the Moon and Venus, they form a beautiful symbol.

It is a fact that the liberal "buyblue" website lists Google
as supporting the notorious _Democratic National Committee_,
or DNC, 100%! The DNC supports the ACLU and their dangerously
murderous agenda.  But my response is to encourage Republicans
throughout America to boycott *all* DNC-supporting individuals
and corporations en masse, especially those by default black-
listed at or near the top of their "buyblue" website, to wit:

    [ref. ]:

      Dark Blue: 80% or higher Buy Blue rating
     Light Blue: 56-79% Buy Blue rating
          White: 45-55% Buy Blue rating
      Light Red: 21-44% Buy Blue rating
       Dark Red: 20% or lower Buy Blue rating
     BLUEST (liberal) COMPANIES

     Aloha Air Group, Inc. 100%
     American Apparel, LLC 100%
     Barnes & Noble, Inc. 100%
     Diamond Resorts International 100%
     Foot Locker, Inc 100%
     Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc. 100%
     Google Inc. 100%  <==See? GOOGLE IS TOTALLY LIBERAL!
     Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. 100%
     IAC/InterActiveCorp 100%
     Loews Hotels Holding Corporation 100%
     Myriad Restaurant Group, Inc. 100%
     Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation 100%
     Powell's Books, Inc. 100%
     Progressive Corporation 100%
     Recreational Equipment, Inc. 100%
     Sonic Corp. 100%
     SPS Studios, Inc. 100%
     Starbucks Corporation 100%
     Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. 100%
     Working Assets Funding Service, Inc. 100%
     Apple Computer, Inc. 99%
     Costco Wholesale Corporation 99%
     Amerada Hess Corporation 98%
     Bed, Bath & Beyond Inc 97%
     L.L. Bean, Inc. 97%
     Hyatt Hotels and Resorts 93%
     Sharper Image Corporation 93%
     Signet Group plc 93%
     E. & J. Gallo Winery 92%
     Hilton Hotels Corporation 84%
     Crate and Barrel (Euromarket Designs Inc.) 83%
     Estee Lauder Companies Inc., The 80%
     Gap Inc. 77%
     JetBlue Airways Corporation 75%
     Netflix, Inc 72%
     The Robert Mondavi Corporation 62%
     Triarc Companies, Inc. 59%
     Brown-Forman Corporation 57%
     eBay Inc. 57%
     Sun Microsystems, Inc. 57%
     VF Corporation 57%
     Foster's Group Limited 53%
     CVS Corporation 51%
     UAL Corporation 51%

     WHITEST (neutral) COMPANIES  
     Ann Taylor Stores Corporation 50%
     Ansell Healthcare Incorporated 50%
     BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. 50%
     Borders Group, Inc. 50%
     Church & Dwight Co., Inc. 50%
     CompUSA Inc. 50%
     Fry's Electronics, Inc. 50%
     Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc. 50%
     Kmart Holding Corporation 50%
     Lindt & Sprungli AG 50%
     MetroPCS Communications, Inc. 50%
     Royal Philips Electronics N.V. 50%
     SSL International plc 50%
     Toys ''R'' Us, Inc. 50%
     Trader Joe's Company, Inc. 50%
     True Value Company 50%
     Visa International 50%
     Whole Foods Market, Inc. 50%
     Wild Oats Markets, Inc. 50%

     REDDEST (conservative) COMPANIES

     Yahoo! Inc. 47%
     Alaska Air Group, Inc. 45%
     American Express Company 45%
     AMR Corporation 45%
     The Wine Group, Inc. 45%
     AT&T Corp. 44%
     Delta Air Lines, Inc. 43%
     Microsoft Corporation 43%, Inc. 41%
     Hewlett-Packard Company 41%
     Blockbuster Inc. 40%
     Constellation Brands, Inc. 39%
     Rite Aid Corporation 39%
     BP PLC 38%
     Burger King Corporation 35%
     Sprint Corporation 35%
     State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company 35%
     Walgreen Co. 35%
     Sears, Roebuck and Co. 34%
     Verizon Communications Inc. 34%
     Northwest Airlines Corporation 32%
     Safeway Inc. 30%
     Ford Motor Company 28%
     Motorola, Inc. 28%
     T-Mobile International AG & Co. KG 28%
     Guess?, Inc 27%
     Continental Airlines, Inc. 25%
     InterContinental Hotels Group PLC 25%
     Procter & Gamble Company 23%
     Longs Drug Stores Corporation 22%
     May Department Stores Company 22%
     Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 22%
     YUM! Brands, Inc. 21%
     Campbell Soup Company 20%
     Home Depot, Inc. 18%
     Southwest Airlines Co. 18%
     Marriott International, Inc. 17%
     Shell Oil Company 17%
     Target Corporation 17%
     Brinker International, Inc. 16%
     EarthLink, Inc. 16%
     Helzberg Diamonds 16%
     Limited Brands, Inc. 16%
     Molson Coors Brewing Company 16%
     Staples, Inc. 16%
     American Greetings Corporation 15%
     Hallmark Cards, Inc. 14%
     Ahold USA, Inc. 13%
     Dell Inc. 12%
     J. C. Penney Company, Inc. 12%
     Kroger Co. 12%
     Office Depot, Inc. 12%
     OfficeMax Incorporated 12%
     Publix Super Markets, Inc. 12%
     Zale Corporation 12%
     Saks Incorporated 11%
     Circuit City Stores, Inc. 10%
     Darden Restaurants, Inc. 9%
     Urban Outfitters, Inc. 6%
     Wendy's International, Inc. 6%
     Geico 5%
     Hershey Foods Corporation 5%
     CBRL Group, Inc. 4%
     McDonald's Corporation 4%
     Outback Steakhouse, Inc. 2%
     Raley's Inc. 1%
     Best Buy Co., Inc. 0%
     Cintas Corporation 0%
     CSS Industries, Inc. 0%
     Dollar General Corporation 0%
     Fruit of the Loom 0%
     Kohl's Corporation 0%
     Lowe's Companies, Inc. 0%
     Nordstrom, Inc. 0%
     PETsMART, Inc. 0%
     Russell Stover Candies Inc. 0%

[end quote]

I've been speaking out against Google ever since December 2nd,
2004, i.e. a month after our great President George W. Bush's
reelection on that happy and gloating Tuesday November 2, 2004.
That's when the left-wing liberals who own and operate Google
began heavily censoring content in favor of the radical left
and firmly against the right, leaving nil room in the middle.
E.g., Google loves Al-Jazeera and absolutely loathes FOXNEWS,
and many 1000s of older articles have gone "missing" on their
now-obfuscated newsgroup archives... how typical of liberals!
You can bet that "Boycott Google" t-shirts are on the horizon.

Buy RED! Boycott BLUE! And Let's *Trigger* the NUCLEAR Option!
Daniel Joseph Min

Download Free Astro-Books by Daniel Joseph Min:
 http://.... <URLs censored by anti-freespeech liberal terrorists>;
search Yahoo, Alta Vista, MSN, et al RNC-supporting search engines
(NOTE: to date NINE of my mirrored websites are STILL up & running)
to wit, you can search for my free "Books by Daniel Joseph Min" on:

              etc. etc. etc.

And remember to *BOYCOTT* liberal DNC-supporting "Google" 24/7/365!


Re: Buy RED! Boycott BLUE! Boycott GOOGLE!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The Collected Buffoonery of Daniel Joseph Min - Usenet's most failed prophet.


Who is Danny Min?
What does he post?
Examples of failed prophecies
What you should do


Who is Daniel J. Min?
Daniel J. Min is a denizen of Usenet newsgroups. He posts using various
variations on his name, including using asterisks or underlines in place of
letters. Often he will post as "Nomen Nescio" or Anonymous, and he used to post
as GOD>.
The reason for this is to get around peoples "kill files" or "bozo filters"

However, he consistently posts through anonymous "remailers" in order to
disguise his true identity

He posts to various newsgroups, including alt.astrology, alt.astronomy, and
alt.prophecies.nostradamus. He posts in any inappropriate newsgroup he deems

Additionally Danny has been known to directly email people, once again, using
his anonymous remailer service.

What does he post?
Danny posts various garbage claims about astrological influences, and birthdata,
which he generally makes up as he goes along. Outstanding amongst his posts
include claims to know exactly the birthdata of Jesus Christ, Johannes Kepler,
Ptolemy, and various other historical characters.
He posts silly prophecies and claims, and even at times posts his own "kill file
list" which has become so large that it's unlikely he even *sees* anyone else s
posts anymore.

Some Classic examples of Danny's failed prophecies
(Danny's "prophetic" words are italicized)
Danny predicts the "Great Khan of Terror":
On 15 Nov 1999 22:34:03 -0600, GOD wrote in these newsgroups:
The king of terror will come some time around the month of May in 2000.

At this time, the inner planets will all be lined up on one side of the sun with
the exception of the Earth which will be directly at the opposite side.

The increased gravitational effects of the sun combined with the added pull from
the other planets will have a devastating effect on the earth.

At this time, all major fault lines will rupture. California will experience the
big one at this time.

Volcanic activity will increase and it is very likely that the Long Valley
Caulderra will explode cataclysmicly. These types of events will be occurring at
roughly the same time throughout the entire planet.

To top it off, the suns corona will be nudged away from the earth...towards the
grouped inner planets, effectively creating a massive coronal hole (I.E." the
"three days of darkness").

When the pull of the alignment comes to pass, the corona will snap back to the
earth facing side thereby releasing a CME of massive proportions....aimed
directly at planet Earth.

Believe me, there will be terror at this time.


Danny moves "The Great Kahn of Terror" by yet another 7 months:
On Mon, 19 Jun 2000 19:59:25 -0500, No User wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes, the seventh month 1999 in the revised Roman calendar was from sunset
September 10th to sunset October 10th but the first month 1999 was in the spring
of 1762 BC, sunset Saturday March 24th to sunset April 22nd proleptic Julian.
The seventh month Ethanim was therefore 2000, not of 1999 but FROM the first
month in the YEAR 1999 of the passover. Hence, the YEAR 1999 seventh month AND
seven months. See?
Quoted text here. Click to load it

written. Beware the star in fortune opposing, in the rule of night from heaven
it advances to WINNOW, "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge
his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner but the chaff he will burn with
unquenchable fire" [Mat 3:12]
Quoted text here. Click to load it


Daniel Expects half the world's population destroyed in October 2000
On Sun, 2 Jul 2000 23:00:02 +0200 (CEST), Nomen Nescio wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

That makes two of us, or 6 billion of us if I'm not entirely mistaken.
At October much will be made clear
by ways and means of the elements.
I expect half the population gone,
global equalisation of temperature
and pressure, the time, a new race,
His perpetual age the moment where,
or at the place when, smoke clears.

Enjoy the fireworks!
Daniel Joseph Min- >


Daniel predicts the US presidential election for 2000
On 12 Nov 2000 23:44:00 -0000, Daniel Joseph Min wrote:
The 42nd President of the United States is the very
last of all the American Presidents to hold office.

He will announce our *National Emergency* shortly,
thus will continue in the office of the President,
having already been inaugurated in due diligence
when he was elected President. Gore is still VP.

&There is no reason to repeal the 22nd amendment,
given that Mr. President William Jefferson Clinton
has been elected twice only, and no more, thus the
amendment does not apply. Neither does a term limit
apply in his case, given that this is indeed a true
state of emergency with bloody violence seen to be
escalating in the State of Florida and elsewhere,
spreading like wildfire as it is in the mid east.

Get to higher ground if you can (look at England!)
Daniel Joseph Min


So what should you do about him?

Well, first of all, you can be pretty sure based on his success rate that
anything he has to say is wrong.
Someone once said, rather well, that "there is too much Min, and not enough
Nostradamus" in what he posts.

Complaining won't do much, because he's they type of individual that doesn't
feel the need to explain himself.
Asking him to stop only feeds him.
complaining to his anonymous remailer service results in nothing.
About the best thing to be said, is just be aware of what a buffoon he is.

Re: Buy RED! Boycott BLUE! Boycott GOOGLE!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Which means that by now 11 have been deleted. Thank you Geocities/Yahoo!
for deleting number 11 :-D.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Total 20. Gone 11, left 9

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