Business Internet Directory - bully tactics

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Has anyone had any bad experiences with an organisation called Business
Internet Directory in the UK?

We have had such a bad experience with them using bully tactics against
a business they think will cave in to letters of demand (a small
village shop run by my husband - completely the last business that
would benefit from a national directory listing). I've reached the
point today of requesting that Trading Standards investigate them as it
is impossible to have a conversation with anyone other than their call
centre operative, who simply uses blocking tactics.

Firstly - this is a warning - if Business Internet Directory call you
to confirm an order - Make sure you very clearly tell them to go away
(unless you want the listing that is). Secondly, if anyone else has had
similar experiences with them I'd love to hear about it.



Re: Business Internet Directory - bully tactics

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You should really be bringing this up and asking advice on the newsgroup. Further to your question, though, I've had no
dealings with them.

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Re: Business Internet Directory - bully tactics

Thanks Bill. Great suggestion. Very effective.


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