Bogus results in Google for "-in" words

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   I've read that Google no longer ignores "stop" words
like "in", "the", "at", "a", etc. from search queries. This may
or may not have caused this "glitch" where the "stop" word gets
appended to another word. Or maybe this is "stemming"
gone wrong.

  I did a search for <"dressin"  "sweden"> and got over
49000 results! But most of the results had the string "dress in",
rather than "dressin", which is a totally different meaning.

I tried this both with and with the
same results.  (I used "Google Advanced Search": "With all the words",
but the "and" search is the default in the regular search anyways.)

I tried it also with and it was better,
most of the hits at the top were from .se domains and included
the word "dressin". The "dress in" results were lower on the list.

   Right now, I can't think of any other words ending with "-in"
(or any other suffix) to try this on. (ie words like XXXXin, YYYYat)

 FYI: "Dressin" is a pedal powered rail vehicle that was commonly
used by railway track workers in Sweden and Norway until about 1960.
Nowadays it is used for recreation on abandoned rail-lines in Sweden
and Norway, The word comes the French and German "draisine", named
after Karl Drais (inventor of early bicycle).

 David Dermott , Wolfville Ridge, Nova Scotia, Canada
 WWW pages: /

Re: Bogus results in Google for "-in" words

On Thu, 26 May 2005 22:28:01 GMT, David Dermott

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Pretty much any English gerund can be "slangified" by dropping the
"g". "Properly", an apostrophe is added, but not always.

Ex: lookin' spankin' trippin'

Mostly due to consonant-doubling spelling rules, not all of them break
down into "XXXX in" where "XXXX" is a word by itself, but many do.

Re: Bogus results in Google for "-in" words


My search from the UK using shows the top 9 results
returning pedel powered engines, many in Swedish. =

However, using the results show pages using dressin' and
only contain results about clothes.

I guess this shows "smart" results rather than bogus as the SERPs seem
to be tailored to location.

Oh.. BTW, who's this Karl Drais fellow??? (smile)
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