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I suppose this is akin to the Myspace scenario, but something I
experimented has come true today. This has probably been known for a
long time, but thought I would post it anyway.

I knew I would probably have trouble getting my site highly ranked in
google and it fluctuates.

However, suspected that I could write an article and post it on a
prominent site with High PR that allows such articles.

Out of 122million the article is ranked 7th. Of course the article and
associated blog has links to my site as well which should help.

Presumably such pages achieve page rank quicker and also help in
disseminating page rank to the sites they link to?

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Re: Blogs on High PR Sites

__/ [ Darren Tipton ] on Monday 05 June 2006 06:18 \__

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Good idea. Makes you proud of your site and gives your site a neighbourhood
with a high status bunch. This will be perceived very positively, whether by
current algorithms, or by future algorithms (think long term). It separates
the 'big boys' from cruft (e.g. 100 million blogs).

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Yes, definitely. I happen to have many such links and they disseminate the
'energy'/'juice' quite nicely, basically feeding the site with higher
crawling frequencies and better ranks in the SERP's. One blog item, for
example, has PR6 owing to just 3 links from other prominent bloggers. The
'energy' propagates.

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Re: Blogs on High PR Sites

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Better, IMO: write a good article, post it on your own site, and make
blogs pick it up. I know, it's not easy, but if it happens you get not 1
solid ibl, but you can get many, and the number often keeps growing for
months. In the beginning a lot of those pages have a PR of 0, but give it
a year, and they might be in the 3-5 range.

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