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I know these are two different things-apples and oranges-however, what
do you think its better to have a forum over a blog, if you want
traffic to your site?

Blogs seem, high schoolish, or just for run, I never go to blogs, why
would I?  Information is better found on a website page or wiki,
google news or a discussion forum, forums seem professional.

That being said, blogs have a low start up cost/time and I have seen
some post here in the past that says they are great. However, to get
traffic to a blog seems very hard.  It seems like a lot of cut and
paste and hope someone will come to your site unless you can really
write something that no one in the world could think of and do this
everyday, or why would someone come to your blog?    Do search engines
find blog achieves only on their blog searches or on regular search
engine searches. What triggers a search engine to find a blog page?
Density of keywords, quality, outbound links? Anyone have any advice
how to blog effectively for traffic? Or would I be better off setting
up a forum despite the work?

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To get 5,000 pages in a Blog that is a lot of work by you and you will
need a subjects  that you can fill 5,000 However, because they are text
rich and if you have a good PR you will do well

To get 5,000 pages in a forum is not difficult if you have an
interesting subject and you have quite a few visitors to start with.
Its a lot less work for you in the short term  However, you will need to
make the  forum  very SEF to get all the pages listed in the SE this in
turn will bring the visitors, if the subject matter is popular.   The
big down side to a forum  if it gets to popular is bandwidth you can see
100 gig a month eaten up by your forum  and the plonkers who post
rubbish and try to have a slice of your PR so you will need good

On both Blog and forum  you must have links on all pages  to your most
important sections of your site,  to get the benefit of the back links



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