Big Change at Google

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... or is it?

I've just been reading some posts on WebProWorld and came across something
that I've been puzzling over, our sites had a huge traffic spike in August
which has since died away.  Rankings didn't seem to change though.

Could this be that the algo at the time gave us more relevant traffic and
caused our conversion rate to rise even though the amount of visitors
remained the same.

Well whatever it was, the traffic has died back to slightly lower than
before, and this morning we've lost some of our number 1 positions in the

Anyone else experienced the same??

Re: Big Change at Google

Luis Figo wrote:
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I've seen traffic spikes due to being mentioned in popular forums (e.g. but these tend to be shortlived, like a few days only.   Mention
in newspaper reports also generates peaks of a few days. Monthly magazines
produce a longer traffic profile.  From the logs try to work out where the
traffic came from and why.

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If your log analysis does not reveal the cause, consider:  Maybe some
Adwords competitor dropped out during August.  Maybe new Adwords competitors
started on 1st Sept.   There is also the possibility that at the end of
August, some significant Adsense site or sites banned your url as
inappropriate or as a competitor or simply stopped advertising.
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Unfortunately if you are #1 position, the only possible movement is down.
Try to improve the title so it appeals to the reader.  If you anywhere in
the first 30 or so you will still attract visitors.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Big Change at Google

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Thanks Eric, I've checked the logs and the referers are exactly the same
(mostly Google)
We don't do any PPClick campaigns so I'm still assuming that this was one
Google's algo tweaks.

I just wish they would tweak it back again.

Re: Big Change at Google

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a site i was promoting has 30 backlinks last week - now has none - not even
the one from my site!



Re: Big Change at Google

mark | r wrote:
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Don't worry too much if your backlinks don't appear in Google or Alexa
backlink listings, it does not mean that they are not still followed by the
search engine robots.  My hunch is that the gradual reduction of backlink
listings is a hint to now concentrate on good outgoing links, to top quality
pages, that will be used by your searchers to meet their needs.   Best
regards, Eric.

Re: Big Change at Google

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I have noticed this. I am on the first page for m search term yet dont
see the traffic I used to get.

There are traffic trends but not sure what to make of it.

Winter always brings in more traffic due to more people on the net.
But this is fall and things should be picking up.


Re: Big Change at Google

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 08:11:03 +0000 (UTC), "Luis Figo"

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I'm seeing steady increases through most of my sties since August,
nothing dramatic, just steady gains each month.

This sub domains /

Unique Daily Visitors (averaged)
Oct 2004: ~500 (probably going to go to 600 a day by the end of this
Sep 2004: 483
Aug 2004: 346
Jul 2004: 300
Jun 2004: 367
May 2004: 214
Apr 2004: 49
Mar 2004: 38
Feb 2004: 4

Unique Monthly Visitors
Oct 2004: 3351 (so far)
Sep 2004:14501
Aug 2004: 10740
Jul 2004: 9325
Jun 2004: 11026
May 2004: 6657
Apr 2004: 1470
Mar 2004: 1204
Feb 2004: 9

Not too concerned about traffic to this site, but nice to see it's

-- /

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