Best Organization of Site - Balancing Services and Geographic Names

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I have two services that are geographically limited, i.e. would appeal
to people in a 3 to 5 county area.  A web visitor to my site living
outside these 3 to 5 counties would not be interested in my services.

How do I organize and code my sites for best seo?

Obviously I have a page or more on each service for my sites, for
example, service1.html, service2.html, service3.html.  But how do I
code the pages to be placed well in the counties that are my target

Do I code a page per county, eg, county1.html, county2.html, etc.
saying we have the following services in that county and then list all
of my services on one county page, giving one county page to each

Or do I do a series of pages per county per service, eg
county1-service1.html,  county1-service2.html,  county1-service3.html,
county2-service1.html, county2-service2.html, etc.?

Or do I simply use stick with a page per service and list on that page
the counties I market to?

Or do I do all 3?  (This last is not that hard since I do not have
that many county/service combinations.)

Are there any other ways besides the above to attack this problem?

Any thoughts, ides, tips would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


Re: Best Organization of Site - Balancing Services and Geographic Names

AF wrote:

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This approach sounds reasonable to me. On top of that structure you will
have to have a site map that has links to ALL the counties/services. Make
sure this map page is linked to from every page as high on the page as

I would even take it one step further: Google loves ZIP codes on the
pages, especially now with introduction of local search. I would make sure
I list all applicable ZIP codes WAY TOP (maybe even in the header) on the
page. And in case you want to go crazy on this, it will not hurt to have
ZIP in the file name in this kind of fashion: xxxxx-county1-service1.html
with xxxxx being your five digit ZIP code.  

Good luck!

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Re: Best Organization of Site - Balancing Services and Geographic Names

AF wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That's what I do and it's been working well so far, except I have a
page for each city that's serviced. The title tag has the text "service
- business name - city, state, ZIP". The city-page has info about why
residents of that city should use the business and directions and the
same navigation bar that appears at the main page. This site ranks one
through four for "service city state" on MSN, Yahoo, and Google for the
cities in the region.

The cities range in population from 81,000 down to bedroom communities
with 4000 people so I readily admit that there's not exactly a ton of


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