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Hi all

I have some questions. i have a 35000 html page and my homework is to
make search engine

as i know i have to make an index of words inside of this pages and i
have no idea about which algorithm an how to you b tree or b+tree

and my second object is to devide word to   Verb+noun+...    i almost
did second one

but dont know what to do on indexing and searching

can anybody give some idea?

{sorry for my bad english}

Thank You

Re: Basic Search engine wrote:
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Step One is learning how to use a search engine.

I see a number of good possiblities in the above SERPS. :)

Re: Basic Search engine wrote:
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Thank you  as your suggest i had long searches on google
actually i learn only the steps for making simple search engine
couldnt find any algorithm code examples of indexing {what to index how
to index} and searching .. the ones that i find are made of Perl /Cgi
maybe i should search more to find java /c# etc examples
if you guys have basic examples please let me know

Re: Basic Search engine

Do what all good students do. Nick someone elses work :-)

Maybe you can ripe off and hand in the code from the
Opensource htdig, /

I would think however if you aren't familar with a B-tree you are pretty much
stuffed from the start. If you are serious about computer programming learn the
basics first.

You are also welcome to look at our search scripts.


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