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Is there any way of finding out if a site is banned or not?

I have a site that is easily spiderable, doesn't break any rules, yet
is not doing at all well in the search engines.  Its there if you
enter the url but for very little else.  The site is and has been running for about six months
now.  Its in the ODP and has numerous other prominent links to it.
Probably not important but it is around 100,000 on Alexa as well.

I recently found out that there was another site operating (same but without the 'the' at the beginning).
 Could this be a reason for the lack of indexing.

Thanks for your input.

Re: banned sites

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"Click to donate for free" ??!!??

I have never been hit with a surcharge when I donate....

What would it cost me to donate jumbo shrimp to military intelligence? =
Assuming of course that I am happily married...

Re: banned sites

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Thanks for your constructive input Todd

Re: banned sites

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Download the google toolbar from /

Your pagerank is 0 and there is a copy of your index page in the google
cache so I doubt you are banned. You just don't have enough high PR sites
linking to yours. But PR isn't the only thing that determines your position
in Google search results.

There are others in this newsgroup much better qualified than me to help you
improve your ranking, hopefully they will chip in.

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Re: banned sites

You can tell using the google toolbar

your site has been indexed by google. it seems your biggest problem is
a lack if incoming links. if you get a few quality links and optimize
your pages a little you may start to show up in search results.

the other site existing with a similar name does not matter unless you
guys both have the same content. if you have the same content then the
site which has a higher perceived value (more quality incoming links)
will be indexed.

aaron wall (adi) wrote in message
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Re: banned sites

Strange thing is if you type in over at the first page is littered with sites
that link to us.  We're even in the Google Directory, yet nowhere in
the serps.

If you type in "the environment site" (domain name, site title etc.
should do well) the other site I mentioned comes top, even though
there is no site there any more, just a holding page!

At the moment we're getting all of our traffic from our link partners
so its not critical.  Would be nice if Google gave us a listing
though.  Heavy spidering over the past few days so maybe the tide is

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Re: banned sites

adi wrote:
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There are no banned sites just people that don't know how to get and
keep their sites indexed and listed.
Google doesn't punish. Bad sites punish themselves by not recieving
google's rewards for doing a good site.

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