Bad SEO's

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I have just checked a site that I link to and who links back to me. They
are a competitor but only in a loosest sense in that they don't sell
exactly the same product and I wanted to help this person out a bit. I
link to them from my PR5 homepage and they were supposed to link back
from their PR3 home page. I had thought that in the future I would help
them out with a little SEO but as the site appears to be sandboxed (not
anywhere at all for the main SERP even though older than one year) so
not worth doing anything until the site at least started appearing for
some minor SERPS.

I noticed that the person has hired an SEO company (a UK one that I
don't know of).

They have placed the "nofollow" tag on my link and added their own link,
WITHOUT the no "nofollow" tag.

The link that goes to their own site is broken.

The title on the main page is crap and all the titles on the rest of the
pages are identical.

Some people really give SEO a bad name!

I just wrote to them telling them that if my link is not reinstated by
removing the "nofollow" tag that I would be removing theirs. I also
pointed out that I hoped that they didn't pay too much money for their
services. I added that I thought this SEO company to be pretty underhand
(and crap).

The company are currently at #10 in the UK only SERP for Search engine


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