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How long does it usually take for backwards links to
show up when using information on the Google toolbar.
I have picked up about a dozen pr4+ incoming links over the
past fortnight, but none of them are showing up yet.

Re: backwards links?

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Re: backwards links?

Unfortunateley it takes about a month and sometimes longer (if your site
has low page rank) for google to update and index your back links which
is one of the really frustrating things about google and how they need
to improve their search engine. I've heard that if your site has a pr7
or higher they index back links faster but my highest sites are pr5
maybe going to 6 soon so I don't know if this is true or not.

Re: backwards links?

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Your target page won't get credited with the incoming PR from the dozen
incoming links until the Googlebot has visited all of those pages again and
analysed them again.  The time between Googlebot visits seems to vary from
daily to once every 3 months or more.  Some linited credit may occur within
a couple of weeks but I would expect it to take up to 6 months before all of
the dozen links are credited.
Best regards Eric
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