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I've got a slight problem with the my backward links on google. Just
about all of the links are coming from inside my site. Now this does
give my site a good google ranking, but i'm sure having all the links
come from my own site doesn't help my se rankings all that much!

Any advise on how I can get rid of all these? Here is my website:

or check this out:



Re: Backward Links


Could argue I'm helping the competition here (we sell lingerie as well

You have over a dozen backlinks from your Yahoo store pages as well
and though they are probably very similar content they will count.
This is presumably how you have a PR 5 home page along with quite a
few low quality links (low PR, but it all adds up) and any missing
backlinks (see below).

It really doesn't matter what your backlinks say since recently (last
few months) Google stripped away loads of them from most sites. We had
over 200 and rising, now just over 100 (a lot internal) and I know for
a fact there are a lot more links than that.

At the time it happened it didn't make any difference to the actual
results we had/have, i.e. we had a top 10 listing for Lingerie then we
still have it now and a lot of other search terms have improved with
each dance with accompanying traffic.

So I don't think we can rely on google to give us a good indication of
our true backlinks anymore, but they are still counting the links when
compiling the results, calculating PR etc... I've read speculation
that it may be Googles way of making it harder for us to work out just
how Googles algorithm works, this makes sense since if we don't know
which links have been included in the results it makes it much more
difficult to perform meaningful experiments.

BTW what search terms do you rank well with in Google? We do well with
almost anything with the word lingerie in it.

Adult Lingerie UK

On 12 Jul 2003 17:11:32 -0700, (nobody) wrote:

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Re: Backward Links

Hey david,

Thanks for the advise.  I wouldn't worry about competition from
us...almost all of our keywords don't even show up in the first 999!
We get most of our traffic from yahoo shopping (although not that

I must say I agree with you when you say that google is trying to make
it hard for us to understand their algorithms, because it is certainly
cofusing me!
I've just started to look into seo to try to get better rankings on
google with little success so far. I've been using web position 2, and
although according to the software I did at one point have the most
prominence and keyword density compared to top pages in one of my
pages, my page continued to not show up. One of the keywords that we
do mysteriously well in is discount dance wear. this is one of the
pages we did not do any optimization on and it is ranking the best! oh
well..who knows

Take it easy!

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