Backup servers and Google

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My site is doing ok on Google. However sometimes the server it is on fails.
This may affect rankings. Is it possible that a back up system can be put in
place to re-route our site when this happens?  What would this be called and
which compnay would be best to speak to regarding this matter?

Thanks all.

Re: Backup servers and Google

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Hi Mike,

Speak to your hosting company about "host server redundancy".

They should have it available but it will be expensive for you.  the best
way, is to have servers at different locations in case of disaster, then set
up your server MX records to look for the second ones when your first one is
down.  We do this at and have set up clients like that but you
end up with the expense of hosting two servers, at two locations and then
having to manage the array of drives so that they are always in sync.  For
our larger clients this is cost effective but for the samller ones it is

To be honest, your hosting company should not go down more than once or
twice per year max.  If they do, get a new hosting company.

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Re: Backup servers and Google

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Not quite I'm afraid.  MX records are mail exchanger records, used for
mail routing.  It's the A record that is used to resolve the domain
name for http access.  

Whilst you can have multiple A records for a given domain name, these
aren't really suitable for disaster recovery.  The name server will
typically round robin amongst them, rather than sending out the
current preferred solution.  Even if it could send the preferred
solution, caching by other name servers and web browsers will
interfere with using this for redundancy.

There's a nice discussion of this at

Giles Chamberlin

Re: Backup servers and Google

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My obervations on sites that have disappeared it takes about 1 month before
google finally drops it (longer on some of the other search engines). It is
unlikely to affect your ratings search engines. However, loss of
visitors/customers is another matter

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