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Google just did a backlinks update! I imagine pagerank update will
follow next followed maybe by an algo update and if we get real lucky a
major giant algo update not just a tweak variation of the same crappy
spammy filler pages internal pages algo they've been running for over
two years now. I feel a major algo change a coming because Yahoo did a
pretty big good update two months ago and more recently MSN search did a
major huge good update this past week and also with that new search
engine wikia search starting up also a good algo I think Google will
finally wise up and do a good major algo update as well.

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PR is already done or in progress. I noticed some differences not much but
some, Also the directory was updated.


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My blog got its PR back. It went from a PR4 to a PR0 in the last
update.  I did not change anything, and it is back to a PR4.  The
lesson is when it comes to google, do not panic.  Just build content
and do not do anything wrong, and in the long run you should be ok. I
think google is always tweeking things, and most site owners like
myself are hyper senstive to these breath taking gyrations.

Mark /

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this: /

This will give you all the details you need.

Hope this helps,

Hamid S.

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Maybe someone is a dumb ass who likes to give money to spammers?


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Quoted text here. Click to load it mean about on the same level as the spammers themselves?

yah, that figgers.

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