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I have a new site that has two links , 1 pr6 and 1 pr5 coming into it
with my target keywords in the anchor text. Although my site did get
indexed, it is not locateable anywhere in the serps. I have been told
that I should just be patient.

My main question is - does google need to update/index my backlinks
before I can expect them to even make my site visable somewhere in the

This would be comforting to hear being that I have a PR6 and a PR5
site linking to me, along with twenty other smaller scale sites, yet
am nowhere to be found in the serps.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Cory Friedman
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Re: BackLink Update Question...

On 23 Sep 2004 11:17:46 -0700, (Matt Longley) wrote:

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Some folks are divided about this but the majority feel that Google
does consider/recognize links to your site _before_ the updating of
that information takes place.

Thing is 1 PR5 and 1 PR6 is not going to do much more than the 20
smaller scale sites links leading your way. Granted those 2 links are
from higher PR sites - there is more to it than just getting a nifty
link from a 'high PR' site:
* how many links are shared on the page where those higher PR sites
are sharing your site link from? I mean if the page has 100 links -
then the PR is shared to those 100 links ... if the page has 20 links,
though, then that could be better.
* similarity thoughts ... a dog bed link from a site about a movie
actress, as an example of different topics, may not help as much if
that dog bed link was shared say from a dog breeder's, dog care tips,
or such theme sites. Besides would help in trying to send some traffic
from those 'similar sites' your way since sharing a somewhat 'similar
audience' as a target.
* is the sites sharing the links as links or through javascript or
cgi-bin scripts that has the link showing but not counting as a
backlink for your site?
* do those backlinks share just your URL or do they share some of your
keywords in the anchor text?
* do the folks just list links one after the other - or do they share
some descriptive text [a sentence or two] about the sites they are
sharing a link to?
* some people feel that links shared on pages named links.html or such
are treated different, or lowered in value, on Google's side.

Backlinks seem to be updated on Google about once a month here lately
- PR hasn't been updated in around 3 months though so a PR 5 site may
be a PR 5 still or may moved up to being PR6 or dropped to PR4; the
toolbar is sharing a bit out-dated info.

Also - chekcing backlinks on Google only has a random sampling, and
lately those being below PR4, showing up. Yahoo or AllTheWeb seem to
share a better idea of how many backlinks you have going your way.

Get listed in some directories - particularly ones like DMOZ that are
free to list on, don't require a backlink from you "to get listed",
and/or is mirrored by other sites/places. DMOZ may be slower than
molasses in listing sites - once you are listed then you got some
additional backlinks showing up for your site thanks to that one site.

Backlinks is something that Google looks at in terms of ranking a site
- but not the only thing.


Re: BackLink Update Question...

C.W. wrote:
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You are in position #795 now for dog beds.  I suggest you amend the text
link at the bottom of every page that says "Home" to read "Dog Beds"   Also,
very serious, correct the spelling of the word "description" in the head (of
every page !!) and start the description with the words "Dog beds ..... ".
Every page should have different and correctly relevent title and

Best regards, Eric.

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