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I am wondering if someone can explain why the term io in in my keywords list
as being searched and found my site 8 times in September, there are alos
other terms such as co., hilton, mother, jcc & hyatt and many more which all
apear to be keywords used on a search engine to find my site, but they all
have nothing to do with my site.  All have been searched over 5 times this

I am getting the information from awstats.

Any information will be grateful.


Re: awstats information.

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You will probably have to go to your raw logs to determine what page is
turning up on what search from what SE.

John Merrell
Gateway Farm Alpacas

Re: awstats information.

Gateway Farm wrote:
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Without knowing the url of the site affected, I suspect somethign like...
1. People searching for things like < katie vermeulen pictures > combined
with referral log spamming in which such unexpected phrases really do appear
in your web site pages (in the form of visible awstats results files)
2.Referral log spamming in which supplementary words like hilton are being
appended to urls but are being analysed (in error) by awstats as search

Try the above search (in 1) and check out the nasa site (at #4 right now)
for a similar effect.  As John says above, it would be good to look down
your raw log files to find the origin of such spam.

If you identify the IP addresses of the originators you may be able to block
them at your server.  This will be a big help if a large proportion of your
outgoing bandwidth is being used by such spammers.  In the longer term you
should consider keeping your analysis files out of Google.  Find out if you
can incorporate a anti-robots meta in the awstats template.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: awstats information.

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 12:51:24 GMT, "Alex Dutton"

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Hilton? Abslutely NO idea!

furtive BB

Re: awstats information.

Do referring pages contain these words? If you type in Gary Simpson on
Google, my site comes out top, even though "Gary" or
"Simpson" does not appear anywhere on my site. Many of my referrers have my
name on their referring page though.


Gary Simpson

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