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I know that there's no exact answer to this question but I was
interested in knowing others experiences with how long it took
(without paying)for your site to be indexed by Goggle and or Yahoo.

Any guesses or opinions would be appreciated.


Re: Average Time For Index Post URL Submission

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It depends on if you have incoming links to your site and how many and what
quality they are. If you don't have any then you won't get indexed. Plus, if
you do have links to you then it depends on the PR and how often those other
sites are crawled. So, you can get index anywhere from a few hours to weeks
or months.


re: Average Time For Index Post URL Submission

Google crawled my site. How long do I have to wait until my results
show up in the Google index?

This waiting time varies, but 2-5 days is average.

Source: http://www.internet-search-engines-faq.com/wait-index.shtml

Re: Average Time For Index Post URL Submission

The Raider on a Rock wrote:
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I just started a new site, http://www.southern-spirits.com which is an
archive for 19th and 20th century public domain texts on African
American hoodoo folk magic, a large part of it taken from slave
narratives and from the writings of free people of colour prior to the
Civil War. As a test, i linked to the site's index page  from one of
my better PR6 pages at another domain that deals with a similar topic
(hoodoo) but has entirely different content (practical spell-craft,
not historical narratives). The link was legitimate and simple. I then

After one week, google had not found the new site from this link, so i
added three more links, from other pages with a similar topic and
entirely different content. Again, these were legitimate links, not
link farm stuff. No dice; google did not notice.

After another week, i emailed google's search feedback form, stating
what keywords i had used in my test search (a very specialized and
restricted set, namely, "Paschal Beverly Randolph" "slave narratives"
"hoodoo" > and i said that i was surprised not to find the site, as it
certainly had all those words in the content and covered all of those
topics. Google had it indexed in 3 days.

 can do the search now and find it -- the only page to be found with
that set of keywords.

cat yronwode

Hoodoo in Theory and Practice - http://www.luckymojo.com/hoodoo.html

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