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Lots of people talk about "conversion rates" but i wonder if anyone
who keeps track of how much money they make per visitor per day is
willing to share that data.

I am not asking about the number of sales per number of visits or
the average ticket spent by the day's visitors who purchase
something, but rather i am asking if anyone has knowledge about the
statistic that consists of the site's total daily monetary receipts
divided by the number of unique visitors per day.

Anyone want to reveal this information? You can be general if you
wish, but i am curious.

I started tracking this particular statistic for my site about one
year ago and have watched it very gradually edge higher, but i am
not sure what it means yet or how to get the percentage to change

Anyone know what might be the average "payment per visitor" when
sales are divided by visits? Any theories on what might indicate
stellar performance in this realm? Underperformance?


cat yronwode

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Re: average money per visit

catherine yronwode wrote:
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It is hard to pin down what constitutes a visitor as this discussion at
/. will make more clear for the curious:


I will give you some figures.
The most popular of my sites earns around 0.1 cent per page view through
advertising and affliate links. Each page view costs an average of 0.001
cents in terms of bandwidth. I don't do any advertising.

If you want to talk about conversion rates, they are probably around 3%
in terms of click throughs to buy a product. However this is not the
primary focus of the site in question so these are far from stellar

These figures include visits by search engine robots etc. I would expect
an eCommerce site to do better than that, but it also depends on what
products you are selling.

http://www.abcseo.com /

Re: average money per visit

davidof wrote:
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Cents per page view are not as interesting to me as cents per unique
IP visitor. For the record, i get $0.018 per page served per day --
but i find the more significant stat to be the $0.045 i get per
unique IP visitor per day (and yes, that is counting robots, of

Why is the latter stat more significant to me? Because it is a more
stable and accurate measurement and predictor of income for me.

The pages served per day can be grossly skewed by robots ploughing
through the site or by a newcomer to the site spending six hours
reading everything (i've seen both happen) -- but neither robots nor
newbie visitors are likely to buy, so the temporarily upwardly
skewed gross income : pages served stat doesn't always correlate to
gross income in a consistent way -- whereas gross income : visitors
per day has been extremely consistent for one year now, especially
when averaged weekly or monthly.

I had mentioned that the gross income : visitors per day rate is
"edging up some" lately and Big Bill asked in another post whether i
had taken inflation into account. I had not, but in my case i do see
another reason for the upward trend: As some of you know, i still do
not have a shopping cart -- i am a very ambivalent merchant at best
-- but even more self-defeatingly, i don't even have web text pages
or images for all items i sell, just a line of type notice. I know
-- sloppy business practices. But here's the deal -- i have been
scanning and creating new product pages -- each one is a static
information text page with a picture -- at the rate of one per day
for four months now and the result is that the gross income :
visitors per day ratio has slowly crept up from $0.041 to $0.042 to
$0.043 to $0.044 to $0.045. I think the increase is due to my adding
pictures to the site. Lord knows what adding a shopping cart might
do. :-)

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We are similar there.


cat yronwode

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Re: average money per visit

On Tue, 23 Aug 2005 09:26:42 GMT, catherine yronwode

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How does the rate of increase compare to the rate of inflation?


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I've been tracking monthly gross revenue per megabyte almost since we
went online. (When we started we had a bandwidth allowance beyond
which we had to pay extra. I started watching the trend of the
bandwidth and the ratio to see when it would be worthwhile to switch
to a plan with a higher limit.) The general trend has been downward,
but that's understandable since our selection has grown considerably
over time so customers have more to look at. It seems, though, we're
starting to creep up a bit this year.

I think I might start charting rev/visitor and/or rev/unique IP. I
have all of our access logs archived just for this kind of historical
analyses. It might be interesting.

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