ASP Server.Execute and SEO

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Does anyone know if search engines like Google will penalize you for
using Server.Execute in ASP? I have a client who wants to A/B split
test a new design on a page, but doesnt want to risk losing his search
engine placement if he finds that the original design performed better
with his customers.

I was thinking of creating a router and use Server.Execute to load
either Page A or Page B on a 50-50 split.

Any ideas?


Re: ASP Server.Execute and SEO

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed ""

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Server.execute does a piece of a page, similar to an include.  Are you
sure you're not talking about a Server.Transfer which is similar to a

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Re: ASP Server.Execute and SEO wrote:

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Search engines are not going to know how the HTML code is created for as
long as you don't create different versions of it with JavaScript. Even
then, Google keeps hinting at them actually being able to execute JS and
parse the resulting HTML code. But the bigger question is: either way, you
are inevitably going to have two sets of HTML code shown to random
visitors and you never know when Google Bot comes to pick it up. So,
either way if you want to do an A/B split or multi-variant test for the
sake of, say, site useability, you are going to have to bite the bullet
and risk your SE rankings.  

If you are doing A/B via JavaScript, you are removing part of the content
and "hiding" it (though well-intentioned) inside JS thus altering on-page

If you are showing Google Bot old content while showing human visitors the
new one(s), you are cloaking and they don't like that.

So, like I said, there is no way around it - if you feel the page needs
update, you need to risk messing with SE rankings. Just keep in mind that
if you are very Google-centric, you don't need to worry all that much
about on-page factors because Google is so much about links which are not
going to be affected (other than internal navigation) by the testing.

However, all that above said, if you have enough traffic for a short test
to be statistically relevant, you can run it for just a few hours and
already have a good idea about the performance, then go with the winner.  


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