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I've been leeching here for a few months and I thought it would be time to
start contributing. Bear with my English, it's not my native language.

Some 2 weeks ago I read something about article submission in a thread and
the question whether it would be useful for link building. I got curious
and wrote an article. It had to be in English because there are tons of
sites that publish your articles but only in English. So I decided to write
something about my country and post it to 10-15 sites manually. Then I read
about Article Submission Pro and tried the demo. The user interface is
so-so but I haven't found a better program.

When I read the site of Article Submission Pro, I thought it was too good
to be true. And it wasn't true. It doesn't post your articles automatically
to hundreds of sites. You still have to sign up for all of them and once
you have, you still have to click through all of them to get the articles
posted. But is does help. In fact, it just loads the login page of every
site and fills in your login+pw. You have to click the login button
yourself. Then it loads the article submission page and prefills most
fields (title, intro, bio and article). Then you click submit yourself.
Again and again. The owner of Article Submission Pro says once you are
registered with all the sites, you can submit to 700+ in like 20 minutes.
Well, let it be 1 hour, it still seems worth while.

What happens with the articles? I submitted to some 40-50 sites with the
demo. In 1 week, I found 10 search results in Google (search on my
name+article title), and 397 pages that "strongly look the same". Mostly
these are pages of other articles where my article was listed as being in
the same category or as being uploaded the same day. Most sites let you
link to 1-3 websites, so the actual page with your article is the only
useful result. Hence I think those 10 are the ones I have to look at. I
have my main site in my bio. Google hasn't indexed the links from my
articles to this site yet though.

I also find that some of those article sites have a very high PR (6+) on
their front page. Some sites publish your article on the front page as
"latest submission" but this is only for a few hours. Most article pages
have PR0 or PR1.

Conclusion: I think article submission is a good way for link building but
it takes a lot of time. With the help of some automated system you can save
time but it still takes a lot. I have to wait and see if the links actually
get indexed (why not I would say, it's probably a matter of time) and if
this works, I consider buying a copy and start registering.
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