[Article] Making Web Surfing More Like TV Channel Surfing?

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This has reached very many media sources this morning. Sounds dumb...


,----[ Quote ]
| Internet search engine Snap.com is hoping to expand its sparse audience by
| making Web surfing more like channel surfing on a TV.
| But the startup might attract more attention with another change that
| further blurs the lines separating ads from listings retrieved by objective
| formulas.
| Under a new format to be unveiled Monday, Snap will lump together search
| results financed by advertisers in the same column as Web links drawn from
| algorithms programmed to disregard financial incentives and find the most
| relevant response to a user's request.
| That combination is a departure from leading Internet search engines like
| Google, Yahoo and Microsoft's MSN.

As to a more sane idea:

New search engine's ads pay-per-action

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Gross, the entrepreneur who first showed Google how to spin
| cyberspace searches into real-world gold, hopes his new search
| engine will teach Silicon Valley a new lesson in Internet advertising.


Re: [Article] Making Web Surfing More Like TV Channel Surfing?

On Mon, 15 May 2006 12:44:26 +0100, Roy Schestowitz

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It is dumb. The only reason I can think of surfing TV channels is to
avoid the adverts. The web isn't that bad yet.

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