[Article] Google to do Government Search

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| Google U.S. Government Search offers a single location for searching
| across U.S. government information, and for keeping up to date on
| government news. You can choose to search for content located on either
| U.S. federal, state and local government websites or the entire Web --
| from the same search box. Below the search box, the homepage includes
| government-specific news content from both government agencies and
| press outlets. You can personalize the page by adding content feeds
| on government or other topics that you're interested in.



In other non-related news, Bill Gates is set to retire. The current CEO was
said to need a replacement, so the future looks uninterrupted for Google.
Unless Yahoo can pull something off...

Re: [Article] Google to do Government Search

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Uhm, Gates retires, the man who is responsible for every bug in XP?


I wonder if a MS without Gates is that good.

Also, I wonder if a Google replacing MS is a good thing.

"Don't be evil", I mean, why does a company need to say that?

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Re: [Article] Google to do Government Search

__/ [ John Bokma ] on Friday 16 June 2006 02:51 \__

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Joel Spolsky puts it:

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| Ozzie is smart but not in the same class as Bill Gates. And it's
| really Ballmer that needs to go.


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I am not sure either, but standards will at least prevail more widely. There
will be choice (on the desktop). They will need to interoperate (play nice)
with other Web services though.

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It's Brin's way of saying "we are not like Microsoft. If you don't like
Microsoft, stick with us". This appeals to a large audience, so...

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Re: [Article] Google to do Government Search

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OTOH, it's good that someone as Ballmer hangs around, it makes the other
MS people hopefully think a bit :-D.

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What standards? W3C hasn't published a single standard. While MS has a
part of .NET as an ECMA standard.

Talking about w3c, ever had a look at the crap Google spits out?

Google makes up their own "standards" remember the wonderful "nofollow"

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The Google desktop you mean?

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A large clueless audience and the typical fanboy crowd, sure. Google is
just the new Microsoft, if Microsoft lets them, which I doubt.

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