(Article) Google Goes to Syndication

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Google Syndicated Search coming soon

| Here is a list of the domains they registered on Friday:
|     google-syndicated-search.com/net/org
|     google-syndicatedsearch.com/net/org
|     googlesindicatedsearch.com/net/org
|     googlesyndicated-search.com/net/org
|     googlesyndicatedsearch.com/net/org
|     googlesyndicatesearch.com/net/org
|     syndicatedgooglesearch.com/net/org
|     syndicatedsearchgoogle.com/net/org
|     wwwgooglesyndicatedsearch.com/net/org
|     wwwsyndicatedsearchgoogle.com/net/org


Google does not yet deliver SEPR's in RSS form, but it does that for news.

Re: (Article) Google Goes to Syndication

Roy Schestowitz schreef:

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So my SE is way ahead off them(with RSS SERP's) ...

Re: (Article) Google Goes to Syndication

__/ [ Fikkie ] on Monday 18 September 2006 14:54 \__

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There have been third-party solutions for getting Google SERP's...


Also Yahoo and MSN. I am not entirely sure about Yahoo (MSN beat them to it
when it comes to RSS), but I still find Yahoo's results rather poor.


Re: (Article) Google Goes to Syndication

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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Interesting to see where that will go.  Probably fed into rss2splog scripts.
A nice carrot for the AdSense spammers.  Then Google will secretly poison
the RSS feeds to weed out sploggers from their own search results.

(Just speculating.)

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