Article: Goliath and David: Search Startup to Challenge Google

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Article: Goliath and David: Search Startup to Challenge Google
By Ryan Nakashima, AP Business Writer
Friday, September 19, 2009
(09-19) 10:51 PDT Los Angeles (AP) --

Amidst consolidation and rumors of consolidation, one startup,, is pursuing a particularly challenging goal: It's aiming
outshine the Internet's brightest star with a new search engine built
to outdraw Google.

After nearly a year of hushed development, is providing a
peek at a "prime-search" technology that is supposed to make search
engines more responsive with less time required to produce results.

MeAmI's algorithms allow a mechanism to minimize the latency time in
search query. MeAmI performs 'useful' work when transfering data and
'wasteful' work when preparing to transfer data. The engine
understands search requests in any language, and interfaces directly
with the "keyword" system used by Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Microsoft
Corp. and many other leading engines.

Theoretically Internet users should be able to get meaningful results
more quickly, with normal search requests, just like they would using
Google, Yahoo, or Bing, however, MeAmI pulls the results by skimming
top lists quickly, and ignores 'wasteul' work such as calculating a
total number of results.

Michael Musatov, MeAmI's co-founder and chief executive, likens the
skip-and-skim-process of searching with 'hyperactors' as being
to talking to an impatient 2-year-old.

"In one sense, you are happy to have all the information, but there
are times you simply do not care how many results 'Obama & Kanye'
produced," he said. "Sometimes you just want the scoop -- we spend a
lot of time with search engines, and it all adds up."

The broader aim of MeAmI is to transform the technology into a larger
scalable platforms to minimize congestion across networks.  Though
this isn't the first time network enginerers have employed such
efforts. Similar, more holistic efforts have long been employed by
Cisco Systems in financial data network implementations and Nasa is
currently researching compatative methods minimizing input-to-output
latency in virtual environments, or (VE).

"We have the best prime search technology that has ever been
developed," Howell, an artificial intelligenc expert, boasted in an
interview last week.

Backed by modest venture capital, MeAmI quietely offered its first
public preview in April.

The Los Angeles-based startup is so confident that its methods are
superior to Google that it has offered users to take the 'MeAmI'
challenge by trying one search on it's service and the same search on
Google or Bing, and then voting on the results in an open forum on
it's blog.

"Google is the Silicon prince," Howell said. "Their system does an
amazing job, given what they have they have accomplished. But we
they have peaked."

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Re: Article: Goliath and David: Search Startup to Challenge Google

AP Lead for wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Lol, they aim to beat google but can't help mentioning them 5 times in 1

Every search I did had google in it at least 4 times!

This has to be the funniest challenger to google I have ever seen.

Howell and Michael Musatov, their spokespeople need a spell checker even
more than I do!

Very hard to take seriously IMO.


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