are these sites scum?

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I have found several sites that promise to increase traffic to your
site by bringing real people to the site.

I suspect they run some sort of scripts... it is not possible that
can bring so many people to visit your site for a so little price, is

How do they work? are they a serious initiative?


for example, take a look at: /

Re: are these sites scum?

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Any site that "guarantees" you traffic is a waste of money and bandwidth.

The only way they can guarantee people will come to your site either means
they won't see your site (it will be hidden on the page in a frame or
iframe), they trick people into visiting your site, they use your site as a
buffer between the user and their content (IE: before they can see the
content they *want* to see, they have to first click on a link to view your
site) or they have people/scripts that visit your website.

If your site is just a personal page that you are putting up on the internet
to boost your ego and make you feel better (IE: "Look!  1,000 visitors
today!  People do care about me!") then any money spent on it is just money
out the door.

If your site is actually selling something or providing a pay-per-use or
membership based service, then what you need is customers and not just
random visitors tricked into viewing your site... because they aren't going
to buy anything off you.

If you have a domain name or site that you are looking to sell and want to
beef up the traffic to make it look "better" then any savvy buyer will want
to see logs on traffic, not just a counter that says something like "this
site has had X visitors since January 1, 2005" (they will want to see
consistency, not "Oh look... your site averaged 2 visitors a week for a
year... then for 2 weeks it spiked up to 100,000 a day... and oddly its now
dropped back to 2 visitors a week")

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