Are store datafeeds "bad"?

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Are affiliate stores that have datafeeds from merchants a "bad" thing
when it comes to search engine optimization?  I have read that Google
knocks them down because they are just duplicate content.  I have read
that one can make datafeeds "unique" by adding some wording here and
there about the product.  Across a huge database of feeds, however,
some duplication is inevitable.  If I have 134,000 web pages with
slightly unique wording, sentences about the products, is that "wrong"?
 I'm not even really sure what I am asking!

Are datafeeds bad?  Why would they be bad if that is what you are
selling?  Thanks for any help.

Re: Are store datafeeds "bad"?

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What's the url? How much of it is indexed?


Re: Are store datafeeds "bad"? wrote:
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Google, in particular, does not like duplication, and will tend to only
list one of a page - not necessarily the first, 'best' or the company
site. But on a page with yards of code, a few 'unique' words will make
little difference over the 134000 (!) pages.

Additionally, many affiliate organizations rig the code and the rules
to ensure they get better SEO.

Plus you probably give them a good link, and they probably don't give
you a good link.

Much better to concentrate your efforts on optimizing a few 'key'
pages, to get people to your site, rather than tinker with thousands of
product pages.

Or find an affiliation that lets you build your own site.

Do a search for a sentance from the 'standard' part of the site
(between "") and take a good look at the result. It may be a sobering

Andrew /

Re: Are store datafeeds "bad"?

Google usually does not penalize for duplicate issues, only index and
ignore the copy so that there serps (search engine results page) has
only one listing of the content instead of ten so they can provide
better results to choose from for a search.

I have put duplicate content on SSL certificates that I am allowed to
use from my reseller site. Since my web pages are a different style,
but contains the same general information I still rank high in the
search engines 'long tail' wise and receiver a few hundred visitors a
month inquiring information about SSL certificates.

Datafeeds are a different animal. Try doing a search for the duplicate
content and see how close the content between the two matches. Take for
example by typing in 'How to Control Search Engine Robots' into Google
and you will find many results of an article that I wrote. Although the
content is exactly the same the pages that they are found on are styled
differently and because of that you will find many serps (search engine
results pages) containing the same thing.

Michael Rock

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